Outdoor Sheds: 8 Creative and Alternative Uses

We all see outdoor sheds in the backyards of different neighborhoods all over the country. Whether it’s a garden shed in Salt Lake City or a shed used for outdoor storage in Minneapolis, there are far more creative uses for these structures. Below, we listed a few creative ways to convert them to add more personality to your property.

8 Creative and Alternative Uses for Outdoor Sheds

1. Artist’s Studio

For the artistically-inclined, a shed is a perfect space to convert into an artist’s workshop. Having a separate studio helps keep the mess outside the house and can help foster one’s creative juices needed to come up with those brilliant masterpieces.

2. A Man Cave (or a She Shed)

A good-sized shed can be converted into a man cave that the man of the house will love. Just fill it up with the basic man cave necessities — fridge full of beverages and snacks, entertainment and gaming system, comfy chairs, and mood lighting — and you’ll have a place every man will want to relax in.

Alternatively, you may also convert this space into a she shed for the woman of the house.

3. Playroom

Just as a man or a woman would like to have their own space to retreat to and relax in, children can also similarly enjoy a space where they can have hours of fun playing with their games and toys.

4. Home Gym

For the health and fitness buffs, an outdoor shed makes for a great home gym. You have more space for the bigger machines and pieces of equipment you have always wanted to buy but didn’t for lack of space. Plus, having a home gym makes you save up on gym membership fees.

5. Home Theater

home  theaterDon’t you just love being able to enjoy a quiet night with your family watching movies all night long? Up the level of your movie nights by converting a shed into a home theater. This will be a sure hit with your family and movie buff pals.

6. Library and Home Office

If you work from home and have a small house, a separate office and library space can help you be more productive and allow you to focus on your work with minimal distractions. It gives you a quiet environment where you can study and get as much work done efficiently.

7. Living Quarters

This will require more work than the others, especially since you will need permits for this one. However, if you can build a stand-alone guest room or living quarters, you can rent it out for the holidays or transients and add to your income.

8. Baker’s Kitchen

An outdoor shed is ideal for a baking kitchen as it can accommodate the big equipment and accessories needed for making those scrumptious pastries and desserts.

There are tons of more unique ideas available online. You can go with these suggestions or look for other more interesting ideas that will suit your needs and preferences. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can turn that shed into an awesome space that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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