Let Your House Rock the Glam Look with These Inexpensive but Stylish Tips

Have you ever browsed online or flipped through magazines and envied celebrities and personalities who have glamorous and luxurious homes? You are not alone.

We have compiled a short list of tips to glam up your home and make it look luxurious and expensive. The catch? These steps are not expensive at all.

10 Ways to Decorate Your Home to Give it a Glamorous Look

1. Add a touch of gold and other metallic accents

Nothing screams luxury, elegance, and glamour more than gold. Adding touches of gold in your home with accessories, hardware, and fixtures can glam up your home in an instant.

Do you have to buy new decor? Not really. A simple way to touch up your space with gold or metallic is spraying some of your old accessories, decors, or accent with spray paint.

2. Decorate your home with artwork

Hanging up artwork on the walls or lining your shelves up with pieces of art can transform your home dramatically and give it a feel of luxury. You don’t need to spend on expensive artwork. There is a lot of inexpensive but great artwork available on retail. You can even frame your own artwork and hang it on your wall.

3. Incorporate accessories that are voluminous

Expensive items tend to look heavier than regular decor. When choosing the right accessories for your home, avoid flimsy and light items. Go for the more weighty items. Invest in contemporary drapes made out of thicker material.

4. Change your pillows and pillowcases

Replacing throw pillows is an easy and inexpensive way of giving a home a fresh look and an updated feel. Getting the right-sized pillow with the right pillowcases can add a glamorous touch to your home.

5. Add more mirrors

Mirrors are not just used for vanity. They make for great decors and add the illusion of a bigger space. Just make sure you always keep them clean and smudge-free.

6. Add DIY built-in structures

Adding built-in structures like shelves, consoles, and cabinets that go from floor to ceiling or span an entire wall is enough to give any home a more expensive feel compared to stand-alone furniture.

7. Update your old fixtures and hardware

It’s amazing what a change of doorknobs, handles, hinges, and other hardware and fixtures can do. It gives your home a fresh new look, and if you got the right set of replacement pieces, it can give your home an instant luxurious vibe.

8. Use colors to set a unifying theme in your home

Unless you’re going for an eclectic feel, color-coordinate your home to give it a more orderly and well-designed feel. Whether you use similarly-colored accent pieces in a room or paint one section of your home in an entirely different color from the rest of the house, the right color adds a touch of luxury and class to a home.

9. Invest in statement pieces.

Statement pieces (or conversation pieces) don’t need to be expensive. However, they are not cheap either. Consider investing in a good piece you can afford.

10. Keep your home neat and tidy

clean and tidy home

Perhaps the most inexpensive way of making your home appear classy and elegant is keeping it clean and orderly at all times.

A lot of us want our homes to look and feel expensive. Adding these simple touches can help us achieve that without breaking the bank.

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