A Video Guide to Stand-Up Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful part of our world, our landscape, and they offer so many benefits to our lives. When those trees die, however, they not only become unattractive, but they can also become dangerous. That is also when we know it is time to take tree removal steps to eliminate these risks and concerns. It is also that very topic that the attached video discusses, including steps on how to safely remove those dead trees from your property or away from your home.

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Here is a look at a few things you should know before heading out to take down that tree.

The first thing you need is to provide a clear path for the tree to land. Be aware of fences, sheds, vehicles, and as always, power lines. The next step is to cut away the limbs. This will help to avoid any collateral damage from the branches and limbs of the tree. Although you will wedge-cut the tree to promote the direction of the fall, it is still important to use guide wires or guide ropes to help control where the tree lands. Last but not least, always remember to wear your safety gear during the job. Good luck with your tree removal, and happy cutting.

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