Outdoor Living Spaces are Transforming the Home’s Security Features

Outdoor living is transforming homes across the country. Homeowners are now renovating and expanding their properties to make the outdoors an extension of their indoors. Many build patios, verandas, sun decks, and porches where they could make the outdoors a part of their home life.

These areas are often open, but some homeowners prefer to install insulated patio roofings that could provide shade and protection from the harsh elements. Often these roofed decks and porches have barbecue pits, outdoor dining sets, sofas, and even jacuzzis for the ultimate outdoor experience. But amid all this excitement for adding outdoor living to their homes, many homeowners also have a growing concern for security. This has expanded the security features found in many homes, and they range from a simple alarm to CCTV cameras.

Home Security Systems

There are different security systems in the market, and the Internet has only made it more possible for many homeowners to install one themselves. These DIY home security kits often include a camera base, motion sensors, door and window sensors, motion viewers, and key fobs. These security systems could use live streaming tools and apps that can be stored in the cloud. These enable homeowners to manage the security of their home, especially in their outdoor living areas.

Smart Door Locks

These door locks are handy for those who often lose their keys. Smart door locks are often voice-activated through an easy-to-download app and require a Wi-Fi connection. Some of them could be linked to your Google account and can be added as an extension of your home security system. Though most are voice-activated, some have number panels in case you prefer to use a number code as an extra layer of security.

Security Cameras

security cameras

Cameras have always been security mainstays, but digital technology has allowed homeowners to use a face recognition system for their security networks. This could help homeowners identify guests or trespassers. These cameras could also be synchronized with their online security apps.

Steel Cables

If you fear that your outdoor furniture might be stolen, make sure that you use a steel cable that would allow you to lock down furniture and other important items in your outdoor living spaces. You could use the steel cable to run through several pieces and lock them all with several padlocks. The weight is a deterrent against possible theft.

Use Lights

Sometimes a simple light is all you need. Most criminals often rely on darkness to conceal their actions. Install outdoor lights near entrance ways and the perimeters of your outdoor living area. Make sure that any intruder can be visible under their glare.

Use Furniture Coverings

Who would think that a simple furniture covering could protect your outdoor living equipment? Furniture coverings can protect your furniture from water and excessive heat, but they could also deter possible thieves from stealing your precious tools and sofas. Choose a covering that suits your climate and weather.
The outdoor life can be a refreshing addition to your lifestyle and valuable addition to your home. But if you don’t place the right security system, you might find your outdoor areas as empty as when it was first completed.

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