4 Short Courses You Can Take After Graduation

These days, having a college diploma is an advantage but no longer an absolute requirement. However, there are still plenty of post-graduate courses you can take to give yourself a leg up on the competition. Here are some of them:

1. Turbine transition training

If you’re a pilot who has mostly worked with piston aircraft, maybe it is time to sign up for turbine transition training program.

These courses, which can run for several days, will teach you the basics of moving up to a gas turbine-powered propeller aircraft. These aircrafts are typically larger and can accommodate bigger cargo.

The training on turbine-powered aircraft also teaches you through a combination of in-classroom work along with flying time.

2. Computer programming

You may have heard the phrase, “the future is coded”. This may or may not be that far-fetched given our growing dependence on the increasing amount of tech that makes our lives easier.

Behind every successful program, there is a code. These lines of intricate language create a system that makes it possible for systems to run the way they do. It has been predicted that in the future, the computer sciences will see one of the largest growths in an industry. Be a part of this wave by taking a course in coding or programming.

These can be taken online or in a short course which will give you a competitive edge over the rest.

3. Digital marketing

digital marketing

As more of our world becomes screen-based, marketing has changed, too. Traditional marketing isn’t going anywhere but digital marketing is gaining steam. Many workshops teach the tools of the digital marketing trade in just a few weeks. In the end, you can receive a certificate that proves you are a trained digital marketer.

This is especially handy for those in marketing, public relations, advertising, and community management.

4. A foreign language

Employees who can speak a foreign language are often given more attention. They can also ask for more pay if their language can be utilized by the company. For example, if you are working for an international bank or customer services.

Many language courses can be found online and in physical schools. They offer you flexible schedules that can adjust based on your availability. Some embassies even endorse some language schools.

Make sure when you do take your language course, you also take the official proficiency exam. This certifies that you are a capable speaker. This also comes in handy should you want to work in that country.

Among the most popular languages to learn are romantic languages such as Spanish and French, the Baltic languages such as Russian, and Middle-Eastern languages of Arabic, Mandarin, and Korean, to name a few.

Some language schools can even connect you to local speakers to practice with. Afterwards, they can even connect you with prospective jobs.

Post-graduate courses are widely available both in physical schools and online. They also offer classes across all industries so that you can surely find something you are interested in.

If you’re already working for a company, you can also ask your superior if they would be interested in making it a business endeavor. Many companies are actually open to sending their employees to courses or workshops that they can benefit from, too. When looking for a course to take, find something that satisfies your passion while also honing your craft.

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