Simple Tricks to Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

Do you have a small bathroom space that you can’t figure out how to design? Designing a small bathroom can often be tricky. Don’t fret. Sometimes, the toughest design challenge leads to the most amazing results.

Whether you’re building from scratch or simply doing some renovations, here are some practical ideas that you might want to think about.

Use Colors Wisely

The easiest and fastest way to give a room the illusion of larger space is to paint it with lighter hues. To make your bathroom feel like one continuous space, think about blend the color of your walls and ceiling.

But, before applying a new coat of paint to your walls, be sure that the surface doesn’t have cracks or any damage.

If you notice anything, it’s best to call a specialist in concrete repair in Utah for assistance in fixing it.

Choose Large Tile Pattern

Sure, you can’t do much about the limited space, but you can at least compensate with the right tiles. Floor tiles with large-scale patterns, such as wide horizontal stripes, can trick your eye into seeing a larger space. Smaller tiles, on the other hand, have a more complicated and cluttered look since they create mo grout lines.

Opt for a Corner Sink

Your bathroom may be small, but it doesn’t have to feel cramped and confining. With some clever placement of features ideas, you can make the most of its limited floor area. A well-placed corner sink, for instance, won’t just help you save space, but also let you maximize one of the unused areas of the room.

Install Hooks

attic bathroom
Hooks allow you to keep certain items, such as towels, out of the way so you can reduce the clutter. They also provide space for wall décors, which can give your bathroom a casual vibe.

Add Ledges

Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, ledges provide additional storage without compromising the minimalist, uncluttered look that you want to achieve for your bathroom. Think about placing one above the sink to make your daily essentials easily accessible.

Install Glass Shower Enclosure
A glass enclosure creates separate areas for bathing and the toilet, making the room seem larger. It also allows light from the other side of the room to come in, so you won’t have to install additional illumination.

Go Doorless

A shower door will only interfere with your movement within the limited space. As a workaround, think about installing a sliding panel. Better yet, you might want to do away with it a door completely. A doorless, walk-in shower creates a more contemporary look for your bathroom, apart from making the room feel more spacious.

In addition to improving the look of a bathroom, walk-in showers also provide convenience for people with mobility problems, including children and the elderly.

You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to work around the limited square footage of your bathroom. To implement effective space planning solutions, the key is to be creative and practical at the same time.

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