Top Agricultural Business Ideas That Can Earn a Handsome Profit

Nowadays, it’s not enough that we earn a living from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We need to work harder and faster as if our lives depend on it. And in some ways, our lives do depend on the way we hustle in our youth. We should take the same energy we put into binge-watching Netflix all day into finding a side business that will earn a handsome profit.

What about agri-business? It’s the backbone of the American economy. We will literally die without farmers tilling our land. That’s how important they are. Investing in land and farming machines with hydraulics is a business opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. While you are not going to export your products to China or other nations for now, who knows what can happen in the future? Many people have made their fortunes selling and trading farm products.

Farmers Market

You can take the food you grow on your farm to a nearby farmers market. They proliferate urban and rural areas, especially during weekends. Communities and neighborhoods congregate in these markets to sell goods and pick up some fresh produce. There is also always some form of entertainment going on in these markets.


Do you know what else sells the best? Herbs. You can grow basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, mint, and other herbs in a tiny patch of your garden or farm. You can sell these herbs, again, in a farmer’s market. You can also partner with a local grocery store and have them source their herbs from your farm.


You can “nurse” seedlings in your farm. You start with 10 to 20 seedlings and then grow from there. Many people want to buy baby trees instead of growing them from seeds. You can use grafting or budding—joining parts from multiple plants—to grow your nursery. Potential buyers can pay for the baby trees even before they mature.


tree hugging

Do you want to help the environment? You can start an adopt-a-tree program. You can have certificates printed up and offer them to people who want to adopt trees either to be given as gifts or memorial. Basically, they are going to pay a fee to have the trees named after them or their loved ones.

Fish Farming

If you have a piece of land that is large enough, you can create a man-made fish pond and raise a variety of fish such as eel, grass carp, salmon, tilapia, cod, tuna, catfish, and trout. These are the most popular fish that are commercially raised. Small-scale farmers usually supply products to local supermarkets and restaurants.

Dairy and Poultry Farming

You can raise cows and chickens on your farm. From the cows, you can start your production of dairy products such as milk and cheese. In a poultry farm, you can offer to dress chickens and turkeys and sell them to supermarkets and artisan meat shops. Although the required capital is higher, the investment is well worth it.

There are a lot of ways to earn from having a farm. Although it is hard work, farming is a profitable investment that has a faster return on investment. If you have a parcel of vacant land, you should look at the benefits of turning it into a farm.

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