Six Problems Which Could Be Causing Strange Noises from Your Furnace

As you settle in for the winter in Utah, cranking up your heating can sometimes result in unexpected noises in your home. While these can often be dismissed as a minor annoyance, some sounds can be rather alarming. You may be inclined to start looking around Park City for furnace installation or repair experts. But identifying the source of the problem can spare you the time and effort if it turns out to be an easy fix. Here are some of the common mechanical causes you can expect to find.


Clogged filters can lead to inefficient heating, and may be the cause of occasional banging sounds as the sheet metal sidings could bend unevenly during cycles. If you find this to be the case, you can follow the instructions in your unit’s manual to replace your filters with new, high-quality models that last longer and can be washed and reused.


If any sort of debris or loose material gets stuck in your unit, it could create a rattling or scraping noise – especially if it gets lodged in the blades of the blower. While not a sign of unit failure, the longer this goes unattended, the greater the chances of causing internal damage. If you can remove the debris as part of your regular cleaning routine, do so – otherwise, bring in professional services.


Hissing sounds from your unit may be a result of a poorly installed or ill-fitting air filter, but they could also indicate a leaking air duct, mainly if the noise is closer to whistling at times. Trace the sound, and you can probably identify the faulty ductwork. This has an adverse effect on your energy efficiency (and utility bills). See to it that the issue gets addressed as part of your next scheduled maintenance.

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Motor bearings

Blockage or worn capacitors can lead to overheating in your blower motor, and that can cause the motor bearings to seize up, creating a screeching or squealing noise. This is bad news in the long term, so have the unit checked out during maintenance to see if any capacitors should be replaced or blockage cleared to prevent the bearings from prematurely expiring.


Just like many other appliances, furnaces hum and contribute to the ambient noise in your home – something you often don’t notice unless the power goes out and you’re immersed in the quiet Utah night. So if your unit is humming particularly loudly, a bad transformer may be the culprit. Be sure to buy and install a new transformer as soon as you can to avoid future damage to the unit.

Blower wheel

Loose or unbalanced blower wheels can cause a variety of sounds, such as scraping or banging. It’s best to turn off the unit when you hear such noises and determine if the blower wheel is the cause. If the blower wheel or mount is damaged, you should call a technician to fix and replace it.

Heating is something we often take for granted, and most systems are built to last a long time. But over the years, occasional skipped maintenance or regular wear and tear can add up and lead to problems which you’ll eventually hear about, quite literally. Pay attention and take the necessary actions to manage your costs and ensure reliable heating throughout the winter.

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