Dorm Life: Carving Out a Home Away From Home

University is a whole new chapter that brings its own set of challenges. To make the endeavor enjoyable, or at least bearable, it’s important to take note of the different factors that can affect a person’s life as a college student.

Primarily, there are the courses, followed closely by extra curricular. These activities are already overwhelming on their own, and are bound to take up a lot of time in one’s schedule. When focusing on these elements, it’s possible to neglect another part of university that’s quite impactful in the long run. That is, one’s living arrangements.

Plenty of universities require first year students to stay on-campus. Despite the horror stories, it’s possible to enjoy one’s stay at the dorms. Here’s how.


It depends on the chosen university, but on-campus dorms usually provide bed frames and mattresses for the students. This means that students will only need to bring their own sheets and pillows when it comes to bedding.

When shopping for these items, it’s important to first inquire about the size of the mattress. This is so students won’t end up buying sheets that are either too big or too small for their bed. Knowing the size also lets them know whether or not they’re bringing too many pillows that can fit alongside them.

Aside from the sheets, blankets and comforters should be purchased as well. Having different options give students liberty to change them at will, depending on cleanliness or the weather.

Now, pillows and sheets are commonly found in department stores. However, it’s become possible to shop for bedding online, too. While looking at the options, students should remember to prioritize comfort over aesthetic in this regard, lest they want scratchy sheets that are only appealing to the eyes.


Similar to the bed situation, cupboards and/or cabinets often come with the room itself. Not to mention study desks. However, the cabinets usually can’t store much beyond clothing, and the desks are meant for study materials.

Some students are fine in this living condition since they can use their suitcases to store other items, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of better and affordable alternatives to using one’s bags.

The space underneath the bed frame offers plenty of possibilities. In local shops, there are ottomans that serve as storage boxes as well. Furniture items that offer multiple functions are best used in rooms with limited space. These ottomans can serve as storage, or seats if the students have people over.


peaceful home

It’s true that dorm rooms leave much to be desired when it comes to design, but all is not lost. Despite the many restrictions in place, it’s possible for students to liven up their designated living quarters.

It first begins with the bedding, which is often the focal point given the amount of space the bed takes up. While comfort should be prioritized, it doesn’t mean that students have to settle with plain beddings. It takes a certain kind of dedication to find sheets and cases that both feel and look good.

After beddings comes the wall art. Many are hesitant to use their walls for design, but it can be done. Posters, tapestries, and other materials can be tacked on walls without doing damage to the surface, thanks to double-sided poster tapes and wall putties.

A few other things to consider when it comes to design are vertical space and mirrors. Mirrors, especially, have the power to make any room appear bigger than its actual size. Hanging one on the door of a cabinet can help achieve this effect, resulting in the room feeling less claustrophobic.

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