Six Easy Ways to Make a Short Room Look Higher

Do you have that area in your home that you wish has a bit higher ceiling? Maybe it’s a spare bedroom, home office, or basement. What can a homeowner like you do if a renovation is out of the equation?

Living in a house with an average ceiling may not be a problem for everyone, unless you or someone you live with is incredibly tall. There are also times when you’re just sick and tired of your lower ceiling that you’re willing to improve your home to change it. The following are some of the easy-to-do tricks that you can try to accomplish the look you’ve been craving for:

Hang your curtains a little bit higher

Just because your existing window treatments start only from the top of your window frame doesn’t mean that you cannot adjust this. By having floor-to-ceiling curtains, you’re giving the illusion that your ceiling is much higher. Fix your curtain rod closer to your ceiling. With the right supplies such as self-drilling sheet metal screws and screwdrivers, you can accomplish this with ease. Buy longer curtains, and you’re good to go.

Consider a raw ceiling

Are you a fan of industrial designs? Don’t mind having a raw ceiling at all? Then you can consider stripping your ceiling to expose your ductwork or even your pipelines for an added effect. Achieve an exposed ceiling, and it will also give you literally additional headroom space. This will give your ceiling a taller look without having to do a major renovation.

Choose a better ceiling color

The color of your ceiling can also affect how high or low your ceiling looks. Sticking to lighter ceiling colors will help you achieve a taller ceiling effect. Choose white for the best effect. You have the option to choose white paint with a matte finish or high-gloss paint, depending on your preferences.

Invest in low-profile furniture

room with low-profile furniture

If you think that it is about time to change your furniture, then choose low-profile furniture. These types of furniture are also called low-height furniture. These sit closer to the ground and occupy a less amount of space. Since such furniture types are lower than your ordinary furniture, they make your ceiling look a bit higher. With their lightweight but gorgeous look, you can use them if you’re into a minimalist design.

Go for vertical stripes

In fashion, we are told that stripes can make you look taller and thinner. It has the same effect on your home. When decorating your house, stick to vertical stripes. Using wallpaper with a vertical striped pattern does wonders to a room with a significantly low ceiling.

Say hello to high bookshelves

Want another trick to make the ceiling a lot higher than it really is? Then go for skinny bookshelves. Choose one that goes all the way up to the ceiling. Aside from making the room look longer, it will also give you more space to store books, trinkets, and other stuff. Since it draws your eye upward, it gives the impression of a higher ceiling.

When renovating is not an option, you can use this list as a guide in creating the illusion of height. These tips are also effective if your goal is to make a tiny room look feel more open. It only goes to show that one does not necessarily need a full renovation just to accomplish your goal.

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