Reopening During the Pandemic: Services You Need for the Reopening of Your Business

Many businesses were temporarily closed last year. They were closed because of the ensuing pandemic that ravaged the US. It was devastating for these businesses, but they were eventually reopened by August and September. However, there are still some businesses this year that are forced to close due to quarantine protocols.

If a severe infection of the virus happens in a company office or store, it can temporarily lead to the business closing for a couple of days. This particular business interruption can lead to lost revenue and income while the business recovers from the virus. This can be mitigated in various ways.

Mitigating the Chance of Infection in Your Company

One way is not to close the business entirely but only quarantine the infected person and those they have close contact with. This will lead to a skeleton crew working in your company, but at least it won’t wholly interrupt business operations. However, this might deliver more stress to your employees who are currently working because they have a higher workload and must do it for upwards of ten days.

Another way to handle this is by being proactive in preventing the virus from entering your office. Start sanitizing procedures the moment your employees enter the office or store. Have them wear personal protective equipment all the time and anywhere they go. Make sure that you are well-stocked in hand sanitizers and alcohol in your office. All of these are proactive measures, so the chance of infection can be lowered in your company. However, this doesn’t mean that employees can’t get infected. Once a mass infection happens, you have no choice but to close down your company for a couple of days until the infection rate has lowered. Here are some services you’re going to need to prepare your company for its reopening.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are getting more attention due to the pandemic. It’s earning millions in revenue. Many are looking for this service as the first line of defense against the pandemic. You’re going to need this particular service once you have reopened your company.

The virus can survive on surfaces for an extended period. It’s been estimated that it can survive between five and eleven days on various surfaces. Cleaning services can help you sanitize these surfaces in your office and stores. They can also help you clean out any trash that might have accumulated in your office during the days you were close.

Getting a clean service to sanitize your company every week is also one proactive way of preventing infections. It also ensures that your employees can be safe from the pandemic while working for you, hence increasing employee loyalty.

Pest Control Services

Your offices and stores might have accumulated their share of pests during the many days you were temporarily closed. This might be a problem because even though they are not known to carry the COVID-19 virus, they are known to carry diseases and other viruses and might trigger employees’ allergies.

There is a massive chance that pests might have nested in your stores and offices while you were closed. These pests can carry many diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and many more. Furthermore, they can lead to damages within your company. Some pests like rats may nibble on office furniture or even at some wires. These potential damages can lead you to spend thousands of dollars to fix them. To take these pests out, you’ll have to look for someone to handle the mosquitoes, ticks, and rats that might have found a home in your company. These professionals will ensure that all the pests in your company have been removed. They will also secure certain spots that they might have nested so that they may never return.

Health Services


You can’t resume business operations without knowing if any of your employees are still infected by the virus. It’s also a proactive way to determine if your employees are ready to get back to work.

You can hire various health professionals to do check-ups and swab tests to determine if your employees are still sick or not. This will also determine if they are still infected by the various after the many days you were temporarily closed. If there is no one infected by the virus, you can get back to your daily business operations. However, if there are still a few who have the virus, you can tell them to quarantine themselves and let the healthier employees go back to work.

It can be a serious headache for every business owner when infection rates in their company run high. Proactive measures may not be enough to stop this from happening. So a temporary disruption of business operations might be needed. When you’re planning to reopen, make sure to hire these services to ensure that your reopening goes smoothly.

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