Securing Your Office: How to Protect Your Office from Crimes

The United States is home to millions of small businesses. It is also home to one of the best law enforcement in the world. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to prevent crime and track down criminals. However, despite all of these things, crime rates are still high in some states, and property crimes still occur quite frequently.

One of the most prevalent property crimes in the US is break-ins and theft. It’s surprising to know that attempted burglary happens every thirty seconds in the US. This differs in many states, but this is the general average. This results in a staggering number of burglaries that happen every day: 3,000. Some of these happen in residential areas, while some happen in commercial areas. As a business owner, it’s surprising to think that many burglaries happen in the US.

The most surprising part is that most of these property crimes are left unsolved. You should stop thinking that law enforcement can protect your business from crime. You should take some things into your own hands as a business owner because you are responsible for what happens in your business, even if it is out of your own control. If you want the best protection for your business, it’s time for you to take preventive measures to stop it from happening.

Steel Fences

If you’re on a budget but still want the best protection for business, you can never go wrong with steel fences. Although this isn’t possible if your office is in an urban area or inside a building (we suggest you look into other protective measures in this list), it’s the best defense you have if your office is in a rural area. This is also the best defense you have if you own a warehouse.

A strong fence has protected many homes from intruders, which goes the same for offices in rural areas. Many US offices that are outside urban areas have erected steel fences, which is because it’s cheap and reliable. It isn’t the best for stopping a burglary from happening compared to others in this list, but it is the best deterrent. Many burglars are less likely to target your office once you have steel fences in your borders because it takes them more time to get in and get out.

The best part about steel fences is that they are cheap. You can find them in any state in the US. You can also try contacting¬†reliable steel fabricators within your area. These companies usually offer this kind of service. They’ll help you build a steel fence around your office and maybe even give you tips to keep your office safe. They are best when it comes to these things and will tell you how much you need to keep your office secured.



Many offices in the US are found in urban areas. You can’t necessarily build a steel fence around a building, especially if you rent an office space. You are most likely to trust your office’s safety to the local security that roams around the building. But there is still a chance that your things can be stolen from your office without security knowing about it.

Believe it or not, most theft that happens in offices is actually done by employees. A staggering amount of employees (75%) have admitted that they have stolen from their employers at least once. Some have admitted that they have stolen non-essential goods (e.g., office supplies). However, some have admitted that they have stolen expensive goods.

The best protection you have against these is cameras. The idea of having cameras in your office is the perfect deterrent for internal theft. It’s enough to lessen the chances of this crime happening altogether. So invest in CCTV cameras if you have the funds for them.

Smart Devices

Smart devices are your best bet to protect your office from outsiders. If you’re in a state with a high burglary rate, then consider investing in these devices for your office.

Smart devices can detect any potential intruders that may come upon your office space. They can also automatically inform law enforcement if there is a break-in happening in your office. Furthermore, when added as a supplement to cameras, this makes your office an impenetrable office. Although having both cameras and smart devices in your office can be quite expensive (adding a steel fence to all of these can skyrocket your expenses),¬† it’s worth it if you don’t want any property crimes happening in your office.

From a business perspective, you might think that these are all unnecessary expenses. You might think that your business isn’t going to get hit by burglars, so you would rather take a chance than spend money on protective measures. You’re right. It might be unlikely that burglars target your office. But if it does happen, it’ll cost you thousands of dollars. So compare that to the cost of these things, and see whether you can afford a property crime happening in your office or not.

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