Office Protection: How You Can Prevent Break-ins

Protecting your office should be a priority once you’ve become a business owner because any break-ins or burglaries could be detrimental to your business’ growth. It can cause you to lead thousands or even millions of dollars in stolen goods. It can also lead to unforeseen damages you can’t pay for when you have just started your business.

About 2.5 million burglaries¬†happen in the US. 66% of these burglaries happen mostly in residential areas. You might think that there is a low chance for your office to experience a burglary because of this statistic, but know that it’s not true. Some organized crime syndicates aim to target offices and stores as they yield the most items to steal.

Furthermore, these syndicates are more likely to get away with it because only very few of these crimes are solved. So when your office does experience a burglary, there is a huge chance that you are not recovering those items ever again. So to protect your business, you’ll have to be proactive. You’ll have to set up measures expecting that your office is going experience a burglary. Here are some ways you can do that.

Get Business Insurance

The first thing you should set up is business insurance. Some companies offer a specific kind of insurance for crimes, and you might have to get that if your business insurance does not cover crimes under your policy.

Getting insurance is your first and primary protection against all kinds of crime. As stated earlier, many burglary and theft incidents are left unsolved, with many owners of the properties never recovering the possessions stolen from them. As a business owner, you should assume the worst case possible. If there is a burglary that happens inside your office, you can’t recover whatever valuables are stolen for you.

Thankfully, you can cover these items once you file for claims. This ensures that your business can recover from such a disaster and that you no longer need to worry whether you can have your stolen valuables back or not.

Remember that there is a likelihood that whatever crime happens inside your office without insurance, you might never recover from it. But at the same time, paying for insurance as a start-up can be quite costly. Do your research and see whether the neighborhood your office is in is prone to such crimes. If it is, consider getting this kind of insurance. If not, you can resort to other ways to protect your business, such as constructing fences.

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Construct Fences

If you’re looking for a more tangible and physical way to save your office from robbers, you’re going to need to construct fences. These fences are your first physical line of defense against all kinds of crimes. It also ensures that no criminal can easily get away with crimes within your property. This is great if you own other properties aside for your office, as they can protect them while you are not around.

Constructing a fence can be cheaper than getting insurance because, unlike insurance, you only need to pay for the construction itself and yearly maintenance. For the best kind of protection, you’re going to need to construct fences made of aluminum or tempered steel. Using these kinds of fences means that whoever is planning to break into your office requires heavy-duty equipment.

Some police who roam the night can easily hear and see the sound of this equipment. Hence, making their break-in so much harder and gives enough time for the police to respond.

Smart Devices

There are many smart devices dedicated to keeping many properties safe from burglars. This includes your very own office.

If you’re wondering what’s the best and cheapest way to protect your office from a burglary, a smart device is an answer. Smart devices can cost you only $400, and they can do all kinds of proactive protection against crimes on your property. It can provide surveillance, call the authorities, and even blacklist potential intruders from entering your office. It can even proactively let out a silent alarm if individuals act sketchy outside your office. If you want the best kind of protection for your business office, using smart devices is the best way to go.

These are some of the easiest ways you can protect your business and office against burglars. Initially, the idea of burglary can be hard to comprehend. However, knowing how often it happens should be a reason enough for you to prepare for one. If you don’t, a burglary can easily pull your business down to the point that it will never recover. Don’t let this happen, and prepare for these incidents through these easy ways.

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