Increase Value by Improving Your Property

Real estate is a great investment as it is generally a reliable market that weathers economic turmoil well. However, not every investor knows how to get the most value for their property when reselling. There is a reason so many people are in the business of flipping houses. It can be incredibly profitable to offer a well-decorated and well-cared-for home. Everyone looking to buy a good home is also investing, and they will consider every aspect of your property before committing.

Repainting the home, adding an attractive landscape installation, and building a deck may seem unnecessary for a house you intend to sell. But these are the kind of touches that can significantly increase the amount of money people are willing to pay to buy your house.

Every dollar you spend on upgrading and updating the house can be recouped when the bids start coming in, and they easily clear the asking price by several thousand dollars. Thus, it is in your best interests to make sure your property is in great shape before you begin looking for buyers.

Consult an Interior Designer

Most interior designers offer one-off consulting fees and will be happy to set up an appointment to view your property. They will be able to offer many valuable suggestions regarding furniture placement, lighting, and ease of movement within the rooms. This kind of improvement may seem small but can help to make the house feel more welcoming and cozy, and overall improve the atmosphere and feel of the house when walking through it.

Professional or DIY

While consultation is affordable, hiring an interior designer may be expensive. If this is not an investment that you are interested in making then consider going D.I.Y. By doing most of the work yourself, you will save on labor costs and can ensure the work gets done to your exact specifications.

Look to decorating websites, apps, and YouTube for ideas, inspiration, and simple how-to videos that can help you to keep a tight budget while redecorating the property.

Consult a Home Inspector

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Hire a home inspector to check every aspect of your home from heating to the electrical systems. Issues with such systems can often be in the early stages and it is much better for you to find and fix them than to be sued by the buyers. While decorating and painting can be done on your own, important systems that are integral to the well-being of the people living in the house must be entrusted to professionals.

Small leaks lead to larger damage with time and water leaks can often cause problems with the foundation of the property as well. If the issue is found later on by the buyer’s home inspector, it will cost you a lot more money to fix and could sour the deal. The buyers may choose to go with a different property that does not require extensive repairs.

Energy-Saving Measures

Many younger buyers are looking for properties that align with their values. Installing solar panels and replacing appliances with Energy Star and energy-efficient appliances can help to make your property very attractive to these buyers. Consider getting a water filtration system as well. This will allow people to avoid needing to buy bottled water and can be presented as a luxury addition to the house.

Get an energy audit from your local utility company so you can ensure that your home can be upgraded to be more energy-efficient. Some state power companies offer the option of switching to renewable energy sources for power as well. Switch the property over and make sure to mention this to potential buyers.

An energy-efficient home will save buyers money over time as the renewable resource power can often be cheaper and the solar panels can be relied on to provide hot water. This will make the initial sale price of your property very attractive to people who want to invest in living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Accessibility matters a great deal as well. Make your home a safe space for anyone to move around in and access all resources. Accessibility railings next to the toilet and similar measures in the shower and bathtub areas can make your people very attractive to buyers with small children and elderly parents.

Updating your bathroom is also simple as a fresh coat of paint and new faucets can go a long way towards making the room look fresh and inviting. Replace the flooring with tiles that give a better grip to make it more slip-resistant.

Add ramps to the outside doors and inside spaces where you would usually put a step. This can help to reduce accidents and allow people with low mobility to have greater ease within the property.

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