Online Jobs to Try If You Want to Ditch Your Stressful Office Work

Due to the variety of options and flexibility, online jobs have become more popular. And given the recent events where people are required to keep a safe distance from others, working at home becomes a more practical way to earn money.

Fortunately, employers are starting to acknowledge the advantages of allowing their employees to work remotely. With the increase in morale and production, many employers are now offering more career opportunities. Like traditional jobs, online jobs can also provide stable income.

In addition, online jobs can be a good side hustle, too. If you have a regular job and are looking for another way to earn more, there are many job opportunities online.

What’s great about online opportunities is that some do not need too many requirements and experience. And most of the time, you can adjust the work schedules according to your availability. In other words, you can keep your regular job and work on your online job simultaneously.

Various Online Jobs

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that most of these jobs don’t pay much. And in most cases, they do not offer significant career development. However, they can help improve your skills and learn new ones.

Micro Job

By definition, a micro job is typically a minimal online task where you can receive a fixed fee. Employers usually call them short tasks. Here, you will log in to a company’s website and select tasks you want to perform.

Many of these tasks are available in online marketplaces. You can post the services you offer and indicate how much pay you’re expecting for them. Employers that need your services will browse the marketplace, and if they find you impressive, they will make an offer.

Customer Service Specialist

Online customer service specialists usually earn $12.85 per hour. This job had become more popular even before the pandemic began. With the development of the internet, remote call centers and cloud service companies opt to offer 24/7 support for consumers, which increases the need for more customer service providers.

You need to have strong communication skills, natural charisma, and patience to excel in this job. Expect to handle different clients with various concerns, questions, issues, and complaints.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant’s tasks are just the same as an office assistant. The only difference is that you will be working from home, so being organized, reliant, and efficient are incredibly essential. Your tasks will usually include keeping records, making appointments for your boss, answering queries, and scheduling events.

Employers from different countries hire virtual assistants. And if you need space for your business, some companies offer virtual offices and workstations, including meeting rooms and anything you would need in your freelance virtual assistant business.

Data Entry

One of the most in-demand work-at-home opportunities these days is data entry. Thanks to new technology, many companies opt to hire independent employees to work on data entry programs.

You will have several tasks as a data entry operator. Your duties may vary but would most likely include basic general transcription. Experience requirements may also vary but would consist of being techy.

Medical Transcriptionist

If you become a medical transcriptionist, you will work as a healthcare professional. Here, you will transcribe medical dictation into words so ordinary people can understand. Many medical transcriptionists nowadays work with flexible schedules and are self-employed. The average income of a medical transcriptionist starts from $15.04/hour.


If you enjoy reading, then being a proofreader may be the perfect job. You need to proofread articles or books before they get published in this job. You need to spot errors such as mistakes in spelling or typos.

But the only downside is that a proofreading job may require a course relevant to the job. Companies often hire individuals with extensive experience in the field, so make sure to expand your knowledge thoroughly.

Web or App Tester

There are thousands of apps and websites these days. But did you know that before developers launch them, these webs and apps need to be approved by testers first? As a tester, you need to provide valuable inputs that’ll help developers improve their mobile applications and websites.

You don’t need to be highly knowledgeable about technology or the internet. After all, developers typically look for a newbie’s viewpoint.

Here, you need to perform several tests based on your education, demographic profile, social media use, and web knowledge. The provider will give you specific tasks to complete and questions to answer. After testing, you will provide feedback about your experience.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the most sought-after online jobs these days. There are plenty of other choices online that require different sets of skills and experiences. If you don’t have any background, fret not. Some companies offer free training so you can perform tasks efficiently.

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