Selling Properties: Low-cost Ways to Improve Your Property’s Value

The real estate market is a significant one, especially in the US. The real estate market size is estimated to be $156 billion this year and is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. Millions of homes are sold every year to fuel this growth, and many more are expected to be on sale. If you’re a businessman planning to put one of your properties in the real estate market, there are a couple of simple and low-cost ways to increase its value.


clean house

Your property’s cleanliness will determine whether if it will be attractive to buyers or not. It is the first thing they will notice once you show them around, and it will be one of the determining factors of your property’s value.

Many businessmen who are planning to sell their property always clean it before potential buyers arrive. They want it to be spotless because they know that the first thing buyers will see is dirt and muck on the corners of their property. Cleaning your property should be your main priority if you want to increase its market value. If you want to save on expenses, you can clean your property with the help of other properties. However, there is some filth that experts can only clean.

Mold grows in the most humid parts of your property. These locations are usually hidden from natural light and are barely visited by people. Additionally, mold can be frequently seen in old properties. They can be tough to remove by traditional means.

Mold removal is an essential service you’ll need if you want your property to be mold-free. Mold can stick to various surfaces and may even affect the structural integrity of your property. Furthermore, it’s one of the primary triggers of allergies. They are also hard to miss, and we assure you, any potential buyer will see mold growing in your property. Cleaning mold from your property can make it look more attractive to buyers.


A fresh coat of new paint makes a big difference, especially if your property is quite old. Paint can fix various problems that may have accumulated throughout the years.

Choosing to paint your property is a great way to increase its value right after you have cleaned it. You might have noticed that some paint might be peeling off, or you might have seen that the paint used in the property seems outdated, regardless of the reason why you can never go wrong with painting your property to add a new look to it.

The first thing you should paint is the outside walls of your property. These walls would have experienced the most wear and tear because they are exposed to the elements. Additionally, it is the very first thing that buyers would notice when visiting your property. The next thing you should worry about is the walls inside your property. Painting them depends on your preference, but you shouldn’t let your buyers see that some paint is peeling off the walls because that will drastically reduce its cost.

Change the Flooring


Much like painting your property, changing its flooring adds a new and exciting look to your property. It also adds a new feel to the way you walk and experience the property.

One of the main reasons you would want to change the flooring of your property is uneven surfaces. This happens if you’re still using the original tiles of your property and haven’t changed it for quite some time. Another reason is that it tends to be slippery. Some cheap tiles become slippery as they age, so you should consider changing them before someone gets hurt. Another main reason you have to change the tiles of your property is that it produces too much noise. You want to decrease noise in your property if you want your buyers to believe that it’s new to the market.

Stage Your Property

After you have done all of these things, it’s time for you to stage your property. Get some furniture in various rooms, and make sure to design your property for your targeted demographic. This will give potential buyers a chance to imagine themselves inside your property. A properly staged property will sell at a much higher price than those that aren’t staged.

These are low-cost ways to increase the value of your property. These things won’t increase your property to ridiculous levels, but they are enough to ensure that your buyers will buy your property at its highest possible price. It doesn’t require you to do too much work either, so you’re not losing out on a lot by doing this.

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