Designing Workspaces to Gain Maximum Productivity

When people talk about money-making strategies in business, they think of marketing techniques. They come up with innovative ways to introduce their products and services to the market. Most entrepreneurs focus on selling and gaining profit to bring in money to the business. For them, this is the most straightforward approach for cash to flow in the company.

But, there are also some subtle yet very effective ways to generate income. One of them is to maintain the productivity of the employees on a high level. Productive employees bring in more profit because they create more output. They are also more eager to communicate with clients. How a business owner designs the workspaces could affect the employees’ productivity. Here are some inspirations.

A Zone to Focus

Some jobs like writing, research, or design need a higher level of focus. Employees doing such tasks must have an uninterrupted space. This is where they can let their ideas flow. Small cubicles work for privacy and reducing noise levels.

Some people like to work in a dimmer setting when concentrating on a task. Others appreciate natural light to keep their creative juices flowing. Thus, for this “focus zone,” it is best to have motorized window coverings. These window treatments were first used in homes. Commercial properties soon adapted them. The advantage of motorized window treatments is the full control of how much light comes in. Employees can do that even without standing up and breaking their concentration.

A Space to Collaborate

Some tasks need group effort. Offices should have spaces where employees can exchange or share ideas. These collaboration spaces should have flexible meeting rooms. Seating options should not be too rigid. Employees can huddle together when there is a need, or they can face someone who presents some ideas.

There should also be plenty of writing spaces such as big whiteboards. Inspiration boards are excellent additions to this area. Large screens and projectors are also musts in case there is a need for presentation. Make sure that lighting and noise levels are both encouraging for out-of-the-box thinking. This area should put the employees in their problem-solving mode.

An Area to Experiment


Some companies need to work on prototypes. To help employees develop the best ones, companies should provide a laboratory zone. This area should have all the needed equipment to get the work done.

Ideas can get wasted if there is no space to help them materialize. An employee’s drive may go down if they cannot transform their ideas into something tangible. That is why an office needs to have an “experiment area”. The energy and noise in this space may be high, but these elements contribute to the drive to complete a model.

A Spot to Socialize

Productivity is not all about being deep into work all the time. Employees need to breathe and connect. This connection that does not involve work forges a stronger link and aligning of minds.

Thus, any office must have a spot for employees to enjoy the company of one another. This place should encourage them to hold spontaneous conversations with one another. A break area may also have some games on it. You can choose between more active types such as Ping-Pong or pool. Mind games are also excellent options such as board games or even a game of Jenga. Provide seating options that support face-to-face interactions with one another.

A Corner to Relax

Downtime does not only mean interacting with a colleague. Having time for oneself is as important as connecting with another person. Thus, every company must incorporate in their office layout a corner where one can relax.

This should be a place where one can decompress. Leaving this area as a screen-free zone is an excellent idea to help employees relax. They should even shut off their phones when they are here. Bean bags are good seating options for this corner. The color of the area and other sensory inputs should not be overstimulating.

If there is an outdoor space in your office for this purpose, then it would be a better choice. In an outdoor setting, there is not much of a need for more design. Let the natural landscape do the works to help the employees take a much-needed time out.

Some offices may not have a wide area to accommodate all these essential spaces at once. A business owner must innovate to give their employees these workspaces as needed. Do not take for granted employees’ productivity. Intentional tweaks in workspaces can do wonders for their productivity. The greater returns here will translate to the company or business itself.

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