You may be considering buying a house. Have you thought about indulging in a lifestyle property rather than just a residential property? Do you know the difference? In this article, we will let you in on the extravagant world of lifestyle properties and why they are worth your investment, if you have a desire for a quiet life in the country.

A House vs a Lifestyle Property

There is such a huge difference between a house and a lifestyle property. Although they are both places to dwell, the latter is more specific about fulfilling some needs that will ensure a better quality of life for the residents. It is not just somewhere you can come home to; it’s somewhere you can come home, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy a quieter, more serene lifestyle while appreciating the splendor of nature, chirping birds and everything around you.

Lifestyle properties are those properties with idyllic scenes and a sense of tranquility. They keep you away from the toxic hustle and bustle of city life but do not take you too far away from modern conveniences and amenities like churches, schools, commercial centers, or your place of work.

Suffice it is to say, a lifestyle property is worth aspiring for. Here are the reasons why.

Location, Baby!

The most important element that differentiates lifestyle properties from the rest is location. Lifestyle properties include the likes of Lake Murray wTimberlake PointeLake Murray waterfront lots for saleaterfront lots for sale. They are usually found in exclusive homesites where only a number of estates are available, and they are usually nestled in communities where both spectacular views and accessibility to urban life can be had simultaneously. They blend tranquility with old-fashioned charm but do not really take you too far away from downtown.

The Features of Lifestyle Properties

Lifestyle property

There are very specific features that make lifestyle properties different. They may have different layouts, depending on what the owners want and what kind of lifestyle they lead but mostly, their features tend to be similar.

For one, lifestyle properties have lots that are sizable, to fit not just a spacious home but also other features and home add-ons that make life more enjoyable for all the members of the family. Pools, large gardens, and lots of fresh open spaces are common in these homes. Some estates even include a farm or stable in their properties.

For another, they are often packed with opportunities for the members of the family to enjoy rural living without going too far away from the city. There’s peace and quiet, a beautiful countryside where children can freely play around and adults can relax over a few drinks with a nice ambience to boot.

You might think that lifestyle properties are only for the privileged, especially because they are pricey on the average. But they are a good motivation for working hard and saving. Even ordinary Joes can aim to afford them. Start now so you can give your family not just a house but a lifestyle block that will allow them to enjoy the good life.

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