How Open Workspaces Can Increase Productivity

Keeping a company up and running is more than just being able to crunch numbers and provide quality services. A crucial part of creating and maintaining a prosperous business is keeping the morale good and high. Believe it or not, but even though you may consistently be in the green and your employees are working hard, if you have a workspace that is not conducive to productivity, you can’t expect a positive company culture to prosper.

In the past decades, very segmented spaces that were choc-full of cubicles and closed-off corner offices were the norm. But they also kept a sense of distance between employees. That said, the stereotypical idea that a “corner office with a view” was the epitome of corporate success.

But today, segmented offices are being bypassed for more flexible modern workspaces that promote an interactive and more relaxed environment. The thought process might seem very “young” but in places like Sydney where office workstations are veering more towards more open and creative executions, the numbers don’t lie. These modern workspaces with ergonomic furnishings are inspiring more businesses to think bigger, better, and faster.

Openness translates well

The more open the workspace, the more your employees feel comfortable voicing their ideas instead of feeling oppressed or less than. This sense of equality also means that your employees are more likely to stay for a longer period of time with your company. After all, who would prefer moving to another old-fashioned organization when yours clearly encourages open discussion? Employees will be motivated to work harder, too, because the transparency shows them a clear career path they can expect to achieve with the right elbow grease.


Modern spaces are a smart choice

But a tech-savvy space, like one that can be controlled by Wi-Fi, allows you to cut down on extra amenities. Smart appliances such as lights that dim or brighten based on the natural light’s fluctuations, temperature systems that are controlled based on preferences, smart locks that allow employees access using applications rather than keys, and even coffee machines that can automatically begin brewing at a pre-set time can change the game.

In the time of the Internet, take advantage of these options and see just how excited your employees will be and how streamlined mundane tasks will become. No more waiting around the coffee machine and waiting for it to brew.

Marry science with creativity

The left and right sides of the brain may often butt heads, but there are many times that they actually work to design a healthy working environment. For example, many scientific studies prove that certain colors affect moods like those that promote productivity and creativity. The standing desk also helps with blood flow, as well as designing different seating arrangements and “walking paths” that can give your employees a break from their desks.

Oftentimes, a change of scenery or even just positioning is all one needs to unlock a whole stream of ideas. Even acoustics are helpful. Sounds are components that can help with the mind’s creative process, and so creating a meeting room or a presentation room that has good acoustics helps encourage the audience to listen and to voice out.

There is also the all-important break room. It’s not enough to provide a room that has chairs, a table, and some snacks. Make it fun, cozy, and relaxing. When you want to bring out the best in your employees, create a conducive workspace with these modern ideas.

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