Keeping Your Deck Looking Good for a Longer Period

Your deck is meant to be a great area to hang out in, whether you’re entertaining guests or just lounging during a lazy day. Of course, it may not have the same rejuvenating effect if it doesn’t look like it’s in tip-top shape, so you might be wondering how you can keep your deck looking good for a longer time without having to maintain it regularly. There are ways to achieve a beautiful deck ready for an extended amount of time and wear, and we list them down below for your perusal.

Waterproof the surface

The best thing you can do to not only make it look good longer but also keep it intact for the same amount of time is to apply a waterproof coating throughout the base. For wood, sealants and varnish can do a lot to preserve its beauty throughout harsh rains and dry days that alternate and can otherwise beat up a natural wood. If you have opted for a deck that is made from concrete, cementitious waterproofing is the way to go to keep it looking unbothered from the elements.

Not only does this coating make it easier to keep the deck clean, but its prevention of water also helps keep degradation of the material at bay since there is a much lower chance of water seeping into any cracks and wearing down the flooring. That rings true for both wooden and concrete decks, no matter what aesthetic you’ve opted for.

Prevent shifting from the base

furniture on a deck

Depending on how secure the land underneath your deck is, it can shift quite a bit over time and not only poses a safety hazard but just doesn’t look right. It may do you well to add some bracing on the base and to opt for footings that work well with the climate you’re in. Both heat and cold have their effects on this and can help you determine the best option to go for.

In general, it’s safer to dig deep and opt for footings that go in the ground as opposed to floating blocks that you only need to place on top of the ground. While the latter may seem easier to accomplish and measure, it is much more prone to movement and would require more consistent maintenance throughout the years.

Consider composite furniture

Good composite furniture won’t look tacky if that’s what keeps you away from looking through those options for your outdoor furniture. They last long; they are durable and much easier to maintain with all of the wear and tear that comes from being left outside to battle wind, sunshine, rain, and other factors. These are also less likely to attract termites and aren’t quite as homey for pests and rodents. On top of being easier to clean, these are also less likely to look as visibly worn over time since they don’t degrade in the same way as woods and metals.

By incorporating these into your deck, it should look much better for a longer time and can also be sturdier in general.

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