How to Effectively Improve Your Home Environment

One of the most timeless proverbs is “home is where the heart is.” A home can be anything from one’s childhood house and the dormitory during college years to the first house a person buys through his financial means. A home is any place where one feels the safest and most comfortable.

However, a home needs regular maintenance to preserve that heartwarming feeling of safety and comfort. That means checking whether furniture items need to be fixed or whether the kitchen has to be renovated. But upkeep also means making smarter choices by optimizing resources. For instance, choosing an asphalt paving to repair the garage pavement due to its affordability and eco-friendly nature as compared to concrete paving. To expand on how to improve one’s home environment, here are three easy tips to follow.

Place related items within reach

Organizing is the number one skill every household member should master. Having an organized home can help everyone be more efficient and productive. To get started, applying Lillian Gilbreth’s management theory will be beneficial. Known for her tremendous contributions to business and management efficiency, Gilbreth was a pioneer in industrial engineering in the early 20th century.

Obligated to manage the household while raising twelve kids alone after her husband died, she extended her knowledge on work management to her family. One of the fundamental principles of her theory was to reduce the number of unnecessary motions in a task. To do this, she proposed that all objects or equipment needed to complete a task, such as cooking a meal or cleaning the living space, should be within one’s reach. You don’t have to waste time and effort looking for the materials you need because they are already in their proper place. This principle remains relevant in managing a household.

Dream home

Schedule a house maintenance check-up

Keeping everything together in the house every day and night requires hard work, and it should be a collective effort among household members. Part of this joint effort is scheduling a home maintenance or repair check-up. Every part of the house needs to be examined to determine what needs to be repaired — from inspecting electrical systems and plumbing to testing smoke alarms. Preparing a checklist will be useful to track all activities. Better Homes and Gardens magazine provided a specific home maintenance checklist for every season.

Customize home space and furniture items

The concept of comfort varies from every individual, but for a person to be comfortable in their space, the environment must be good for the health. The World Health Organization stated that health promotion involves an environment that supports healthy living and well-being. Customizing one’s home according to comfort and preference ensures a healthy environment. Individuals function better when they are at ease with their surroundings. It’s important to change what no longer works. As much as possible, one must be open and draw inspiration in redesigning home space and furniture items.

Happiness cannot be found in one’s home if it isn’t well-maintained. Home maintenance is difficult, but it is attainable. It will only be possible when all members are committed and cooperative in improving the environment.

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