How to Effectively Attract and Hire Remote Workers amid COVID-19

Several companies are experiencing hiring challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic. More organizations are turning to remote work and searching for candidates who can be a good fit in this kind of environment.

What can you do effectively attract and hire remote workers? Below are a few ideas on how to do that.

Be strategic with hiring platforms

It can be worthwhile to focus your efforts on platforms exclusively dedicated to remote work. While platforms like LinkedIn can connect you to quality candidates, you could potentially save time and resources if you narrow your search channels.

There are a few options at your disposal, like RemoteOK, Working Nomads, and FlexJobs. Additionally, you can also focus on special Facebook groups like Remote Jobs and Digital Nomads.

Of course, the platforms you select will entirely depend on your hiring strategy. If you want to widen the net as much as possible, investing in several platforms might be the best way forward. Conversely, if you aim to be very targeted, it’s better to settle on a handful of job boards and groups.

Improve remote assessment

In-person interviews and on-site exams can thoroughly screen the right candidates. Those that successfully pass are likely to go on to become indispensable and tenured staff. However, how do you replicate the same results in a remote setting?

Since you won’t be having in-person meetings with candidates, it becomes crucial to lean into technology and a suite of digital tools.

An online employment skills test will become a crucial part of your hiring strategy. You can develop your own analysis or exam in-house. If you don’t have the bandwidth to do so, many web-based platforms offer it as a service.

Aside from the content of the skills test, you also need to think about other aspects like:

  • Test delivery – Are tests or exams delivered through convenient platforms?
  • Candidate notification – Are candidates promptly informed of timelines and next steps?
  • Review duration – Are you dedicating enough time and resources to check candidate tests or exams?

Get quality referrals

Referrals are even more crucial nowadays. For some organizations, it can be challenging to hire good employees without offline interviews. Quality referrals can reduce the hassle and simplify decision-making.

Go and ask your current employees if they have anyone in their network who can be a good fit. Aside from staff, reach out to your own network and see if they have any strong recommendations.

Referrals from people you highly trust can yield excellent results when it comes to hiring. They can explain to you in detail what it’s like to work with a particular person. Additionally, they can share first-hand information on a candidate’s ability to work remotely.

home officeStrengthen your online presence

Before getting people onboard, it’s essential to show that your organization is a place where potential hires can thrive.

Cultivate an excellent reputation as an employer and communicate that throughout your digital platforms — be it website, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Highlight your culture and values. Explain why working with your organization is something that candidates should seriously consider.

Use text, photos, and videos to illustrate your organizational identity authentically. Claims of being committed to openness and innovation should be backed up with relevant information. For instance, you can integrate employee testimonials and client feedback.

As social distancing protocols show little sign of going away, people will increasingly rely on the internet to see what your organization has to offer career-wise.

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