How to Better Take Care of Your Phone and Save Money

Are you planning to buy a new phone because your existing one is not functioning properly? Think again. A 2 16 survey once declared that Americans tend to keep the same smartphone for 22.7 before upgrading to a new one. Two years later, the time span for keeping the same mobile phone increased to 25.7 months.

However, some people may easily get tired of keeping the same device and would like to buy the latest in the market, even if it costs a lot. There are more important priorities in an average person’s list — rent, a car repair, groceries, a dream vacation, expensive dates than that new, latest phone model in the mall.

There is totally nothing wrong with being economical and ambitious to save up money for something more important. If you are the type who wants to save every last drop of value from a gadget, here is an article that will help you better take care of your mobile phone so you can save money for repairs and make it last longer.

Have the first-level diagnosis of your phone and perform simple first-aid techniques.

Has your phone slowed down? Does it heat up very easily? Fret not. Most of these problems are very common and can be addressed very easily. If your phone is slowing down, it could be because of the following reasons. You can also find there easy, handy solutions to approach the problem.

(A) Installing faulty apps may sometimes slow the phone down and take lots of memory. Determine which apps caused the change, and uninstall them. You can also clear cache to get rid of useless memory.

(B) Bugs may have also caused overheating or a dysfunctional upgrade. Try to turn on and off your phone or search online for immediate solutions to address phone crashes.

(C.) Is your phone’s battery life getting shorter? Your phone battery is affected by wear and tear as well as its life span. Try to maximize its battery life by uninstalling apps that drain its battery easily. You can check it in your phone’s setting. Also, switch to the Battery Saver option or Low Power Mode options to increase battery life. You also have the option to replace your phone battery instead of buying an entirely new unit.

(D) In the case of problematic reception, determine if external or internal factors cause the problem. Sometimes, an isolated location may cause network problems. Try to reboot and reset all phone connections and compare them with other phones in the vicinity.

If you have tried your best to troubleshoot these problems, always consider seeing a phone technician. If you live in Salt City, there are surely cell phone repair shops that can help you.

App updates are important and should not be missed.

Updating the operating system and third-party apps will fix your phone’s common problems such as bugs, security issues. It can also enhance your phone’s performs as it introduces new features. In Android Phones, you can enable updates by clicking some icons in the Settings. Among iPhones, you can go to iTunes and App Store and turn on the App Updates.

phone case

Invest in a good casing that will protect your phone.

A phone casing is not just there for aesthetic purposes. It is primarily there to protect your phone from breaking when you accidentally drop it. Just imagine how much you can save for a costly repair if you add a casing to your phone. Also, screen cracks are surely an inconvenience when typing or surfing.

You don’t have to buy an expensive casing. A functional one is enough to keep your phone in its ideal condition, so you still have the chance to resell it in case you want to upgrade to a new phone.

Give your phone a break.

The Internet is full of ways on how to take care of the phone better. One way to do it is to practice draining your phone to zero keeps your phone battery in optimal condition. Keep your phone away from direct sunlight or heat to prevent overheating. One indication of overheating is when the phone shuts itself off.

Your phone can last long as you make a point to treat it as a valuable device that deserves care and protection. Keep its exterior clean by getting rid of grime and grease on its screens, sides, and back. Cleaning makes it look new and presentable again and keeps its camera lens in good condition. Once in a while, try to examine its charging port, microphone area, speaker grille, and headphone jack.

Get rid of dust and gunk using your finger or a toothpick. Consider keeping a backup of your files and folders to spare them from possible virus or malware attacks.

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