Housekeeping Basics: Ways to Keep Your Kid’s Bathroom Clean

When your children have a bathroom of their own, that area of your home could look messy. You could see dirty towels stacked into a corner, the toilet bidet hose and other accessories simply lying on the floor, and hygiene essentials looking completely unorganized.

Although a kid’s bathroom could never be completely clean, you could take steps to prevent it from looking like a war zone. Here are convenient ways and creative ideas to keep your child’s bathroom neat and organized:

Install Labeled Towel Hooks on the Bathroom

Your goal should be to keep wet or dirty towels off the bathroom floor. This, however, might be difficult to achieve when you have multiple kids using the same bathroom.

Instead of installing a single towel bar, use individual towel hooks. Then, add a picture of each child above the towel holder. Alternatively, you could use the initial of each child (example: E for Emma and L for Leo). This helps you keep track of dirty and clean towels. On top of that, labeled towel hooks prevent the typical “who used my towel?” arguments that you hear in the morning.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Accessible


According to an article from Martha Stewart, you should deep clean an ordinary bathroom at least once a week. A kid’s bathroom, however, may need more frequent cleaning. This is especially true if you have multiple children in the household.

If you’re going to be doing the cleaning by yourself, save time by allotting a small space for cleaning supplies. Place the brush, cleaning products, and other materials in a small container under the sink.

Pro-tip: If your children are old enough, make bathroom cleaning part of their household chores. Add a checklist next to the cleaning supplies, so they know what to do when they clean this part of the home. A checklist also means that they have zero excuses for forgetting to clean the mirror or the toilet bowl.

Use a Bathroom Bin or Hamper to Hold Dirty Clothes

If your house doesn’t have a laundry chute, you’re probably keeping the dirty clothes in hampers located in each bedroom. The problem is that the used clothes don’t always get to their proper destination after a shower or a bath. Kids could sometimes leave these clothes on the bathroom floor.

The solution is to put a hamper inside the bathroom, which serves as a dump zone for dirty clothes. If you have younger kids, consider using plastic bins as an alternative to a hamper. These bins are ideal for wet clothes, such as wet swimwear after playing at the pool.

Install Corner Shelves

If the bathroom of your child is small, add corner shelving units to increase storage. These shelves are perfect for keeping extra linens and toiletries. You could assign the lower shelves to your younger kids while older kids get to use the higher shelves.

These are just some ways to help keep your kid’s bathroom clean and organized. With a spick-and-span bathroom, you reduce the risk of accidents and minimize the spread of disease-causing germs that could harm your family.

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