Add More Space to Your Home with These Clever Ideas

When you first bought your home, it probably fits your lifestyle well. But times change and your family might need something different now. It might be because the children are getting older or you are having more guests over but a crowded house is not a comfortable one. It might time to get drastic and find some ways to add space to your house.  Here are some possible options available to you:

Renovate Existing Rooms

One factor that most people don’t often think about is that they already have space in the house. They haven’t fixed it yet. Two main areas deserve another look to see if you can change them into usable rooms: the basement and the attic. Attics are an excellent choice, especially if you have been mainly using it for storage. But converting an attic to room space can be difficult since the roof can affect the shape of the room. An easier choice would be the basement.

Basement spaces are usually the size of the house and there is quite a bit of space there. But basement remodeling is not easy since you will have to take into account the things you usually find in the basement like the furnace and pumps. Another room renovation idea is converting a garage. If you currently don’t have a car, then a garage can become an excellent room with minimal changes. You can also get some space by bringing down a non-load-bearing wall, doubling the space of some rooms.

Spread Out

house renovation

If existing rooms do not work, then you’ll likely have to build additions to your home. If your property is big enough, then your house has great potential in expanding. It all depends on what you need. If you only want some space to relax, then a patio is an affordable addition to any home. For homeowners that need more living space, then adding a room or two is quite possible. You can also explore expanding current rooms to allow more space for your family. You can even build a completely separate structure like sheds or a pool house. This won’t be simple though since you might need permits for this to happen.

Build Up

Some people don’t have wide properties. For these houses, the best option is to build up. Adding a second or even third floor can be a drastic shift for your house and it will take some massive work. For example, you will need to get permits from the local government. Some areas prohibit people from blocking someone’s view or exceeding a particular height.

Besides permits, you’ll have to properly plan for it so that your home stays structurally sound. You may not even want to build a full second floor. Adding a room or two for the second floor is a good option for those who are on a budget.

A home should be as comfortable as possible. Feeling cramped inside your own house is something you should never feel. Make the right changes to your place, so you can be assured that you have enough space for you and everyone else who lives in the house.

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