Home Renovation: What Ideas Can You Use for 2020?

The holidays are done, and 2020 has arrived. Whether you’re reading this in the first days of 2020 or not, you might still want to continue till the end, especially if you’re planning to do a home renovation for the brand-new year.

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Here are five home renovation ideas that you should consider this 2020:

Think of wellness design principles

Many property owners who renovate their homes may not be aware that they’re incorporating wellness design principles in their choice of bathroom fixtures or kitchen cabinetry. The idea behind this is including elements or renovation techniques that promote the general well-being of home occupants. These include non-toxic paint and cabinetry, bidet toilets, hands-free faucets, and circadian lighting.

By adopting such a remarkable design principle in your home renovation plan, you can be sure that you won’t just enjoy a stunning home but also improve your family’s health.

Get some indoor plants and water features

Who says you can’t bring a piece of outdoors inside your home? With indoor plants and water features, you can. For many years now, property owners have been installing indoor plants in their homes to create a Zen atmosphere. They also add some simple water features like pondless artificial waterfalls and small koi ponds.

The idea is to induce a feeling of relaxation without ever stepping out. With today’s generally busy and stressful lifestyles, this can be an indispensable feature to have inside the home.

Add some splash of patina

When people hear patina, they almost immediately associate it with something aged or rustic. For 2020, expect to see more of this design element in homes. If you want to jump in on the projected trend, be ready to invest in vintage furniture pieces, a lot of ceramics, and earthenware as these have tons of stunning patinas in them.

Go for openness

For 2020, open spaces inside homes will be a big trend. With this, consider tearing down some walls to achieve a lot of open spaces inside your home. Doing this will allow you a lot of breathing room, as you can make a seamless transition between different parts of your home. Tearing down interior barriers will also create an illusion of a larger space that many guests can appreciate.

Target a more modern bathroom

Modern bathroom

It is in the bathroom where we spend many hours cleansing our bodies and relieving some built-up stress from the day’s work.

As such, it’s vital to have our bathrooms equipped with modern features that would make each stay relaxing and convenient. Think about heated toilet seats, bidets, custom lights, piped-in music, and other impressive technologies.

With these home renovation ideas, your renovated home will surely make your entire 2020 a fun and relaxing year for you and your family.

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