How to Save Money While Furnishing Your Apartment

When you started to live on your own, you were probably disappointed by how expensive furnishing and decorating your apartment can be. Shopping for furniture and appliances is one of the benchmarks of adulthood. However, since we've never considered the cost of setting up a new home before, most of us are shocked to find out how expensive it can be.

Are you moving to a house or apartment soon and have no idea how to furnish it on a budget? Here are some tips that can help you:


1. Set your budget


Before you go shopping for furniture, appliances, and decor, set your budget. If your finances permit, you may buy those designer furniture items from Singapore or any other country. If you've just paid a deposit and advance on your apartment, that amount may not be much. Nevertheless, setting a realistic budget helps you differentiate and prioritize what you need and what you want.


2. Look for discounts


When you're trying to save money on furniture, your first instinct at the store should be to look for discounts. Is there a clearance sale that you can take advantage of? Are there returned items that they can sell to you at a discount? The same goes for appliances. Most stores will offer you a 90-day warranty when you buy used appliances, and if they don't break before 90 days, they will most likely withstand the next few years.


3. Go to warehouse sales


Another way you can get furniture and appliances for cheap is to visit a warehouse outlet. If you come at the right time, a warehouse sale can save you a lot of money on new items. Wait for certain times of the year (usually April or October) when manufacturers are trying to get rid of excess inventory, and you will most likely get better deals.


4. Don't ignore unknown brands


Just because they are lesser-known brands doesn't mean they are of lower quality. Remember that if you buy expensive, well-known brands, you're most likely paying for the brand name. That said, when shopping for furniture and appliance, don't get too caught up in brand names if you want to save money.


5. Go thrifting


Do you have a knack for thrifting? Visit estate sales, secondhand stores, and thrift shops to see if you can find furniture and decor pieces for your apartment. Sure, they will probably not be in the best shape, but you can always give them a proper makeover through repainting, polishing, repurposing, etc.


Furniture interiors

6. Ask your family and friends


Ask family members or friends if they have furniture, appliances, or decor that they are no longer using. If they don't have any, that's fine; at least they know now that you're looking for specific items for your house. When they find something in their attic or come across a yard sale, you'll be the first person in their mind.


Furnishing and decorating your home is quite challenging if you don't have a big budget. But as you can see from this guide, it's not entirely impossible. So, if you want to furnish your home without breaking the bank, these tips can surely help you out.

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