Home HVAC Mechanics: How to Creatively Hide Its Parts

The HVAC system has many components, some conspicuous and others not so noticeable. The thermostat is the most visible of these components, but other ones include diffusers, condensers, ductwork, and registers. It does not matter which kind of HVAC system you install. Most of these components will be involved. Every part of these devices is considerate of the required durability, efficiency, and performance.

Unfortunately, their presence can be an eyesore if you do not take necessary measures. The next time your technician that does heating repair comes, consider adding the following ideas to conceal the issue caused by the essential parts in the HVAC.

Distractive Design

The aim of this idea is not to conceal the component but to create some form of distraction. It increases the chances of people not noticing the part, whether it is on the wall or the ceiling. One of the most popular approaches is to use wallpaper or a lovely painting close to the equipment. While modern thermostats are usually fine to the eye, some people may want to conceal them. Photos or framed pictures are excellent at this when hung strategically. Mini-split units are best hidden with a decal.

Strategic Furniture Placement

For indoor components, heating repair experts from Riverton, Utah, suggest creative use of furniture. It is so that the parts become part of the indoor design. As long as the furniture does not affect system efficiency, you can use it as you want.

A cool idea is to use a bookcase around a component or a wall cabinet with enough space around to allow the free flow of air. A seat for covering an AC unit is perhaps the most scintillating of these. However, you need woodworking skills to pull this off if you think you do not need a carpenter. This strategy can apply for both outdoor and indoor units.

Plants for Outdoor Components

hvac unit at the backyard

When you have a stunning backyard, it is essential to deal with anything that affects the aesthetic appeal. Plants are some of the best solutions to eyesore created by the outdoor components because they are attractive and easy to add. You could make it count even more by using plants that could also act as food. Going by the popularity of vertical gardens, your trendy side can come out as well. The Internet has some creative ideas for creating such gardens.

DIY Covers

Makeshift covers are good at taking care of the outdoor units. Bamboo screens are particularly simple because you need to buy only one and place it around the equipment. While bamboo may not produce the best look, it is better than the appearance of a bare outdoor unit. Other covers that a property owner can use are old shutters, pallets, and trellis systems.

Many ideas can transform the HVAC components from an eyesore to an appealing sight. Whichever approach you take, remember two things: the unit will need proper ventilation and easy access by the technicians. Consider contacting experts for more ideas of concealing HVAC components for a higher curb appeal of your home.

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