Four Major Car Body Types to Know About

Buying a car may mean that you will have to look into a lot of things. You are not supposed to buy the first option that will come your way. Remember, you are getting a long-term purchase, so you might as well make a wise decision. If necessary, you will need to come up with a table that lists down the potential brands that you can choose from. Enumerate the pros and cons of each brand. The tally that you will create will help you make a sensible, informed decision.

Along the way, you may become confused about which car body type you should get. After all, there are many variations on the market, and the choices may overwhelm you. Whether it is your first time to buy a car or you are replacing your old one (and are still confused with car body types), here are four of the basic car types that you need to keep in mind. Refer to this article when you are thinking of buying a Holden or Kia for sale.


Sedans are perhaps among the most common car body types. A large percentage of the cars you see on the road may be sedans. It has four doors and its own trunk space. There is a good reason this is a popular choice among drivers. The design is sleek, and it can fit any lifestyle. You can use it for long drives and city driving. It is also perfect for a family of four.



Trucks have a body type that resembles large trucks. It has two or four doors. At its back is a cargo bed that is exposed, though it can be covered during winter and rainy seasons. Trucks are perfect for people that lead an active and rugged lifestyle. For example, if you love camping and hiking, this car can carry your weekend warriors’ essentials. Some small businessmen even use trucks for deliveries. They come in small and big variations. It’s a matter of choosing which size suits your current needs and requirements.


A hatchback has only two or four doors. It does not have its own trunk space; the storage can be found behind the rear seat. This type is much smaller compared to the rest of the cars listed here. Hatchbacks are ideal for city driving.


As the name suggests, minivans are like small vans that may sometimes have the silhouette of a sedan on the front. This car body makes the best family car. The design allows for plenty of storage space where you can keep your belongings. Usually, minivans have three rows of seats, accommodating up to seven or eight people.

Cars come in many different shapes, sizes, and bodies. Choosing the right vehicle may mean that you will need to consider your personal preference, lifestyle, and plans. You have to remind yourself that your car will be an extension of yourself. So make sure that your choice will meld with your life. Take your time and choose wisely.

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