Fun and Easy Upcyling Ideas for Old Furniture

The United States is one of the most prosperous countries in the whole world, but it’s also one of the most wasteful. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each person produces approximately 5.9 pounds of trash in a single day. Every year, you probably throw around 220 pounds of food into the garbage, alongside 72 pounds of plastic, and a whopping 850 pounds of wood.

If the information is correct, only about 34 percent of all this weight is ever recycled. When we take a look at the amount of waste produced, wood is the most prevalent. Waste wood usually comes from discarded furniture. Instead of chucking old furniture into the trash, here are seven ways you can upcycle them easily and enjoyably.

Revitalize Furniture with Color Schemes

A common reason for discarding furniture is because they’re unappealing or heavily scuffed due to their age. Instead of condemning a shelf or a desk to be crushed by industrial-strength compactors, sometimes the only thing they need is a fresh coat of paint and an exciting color scheme. If you find some discarded or old furniture, breathe new life to them by repainting them in fun new hues. A lot of old furniture tends to be somber in color, and a fresh coat of paint can make them instantly more attractive.

Stepladder to Open Closet

Wood stepladders can be very charming, but they’re also not as safe as aluminum models. If you make the switch from wood to metal stepladders, you can transform the stepladders into a delightful open closet. Place them parallel to one another and connect them with planks and wood rods. Add a coat of paint, and you have a new piece of furniture instead of trash.

Upholstery to the Rescue


Just like a fresh coat of paint, new upholstery can revitalize your furniture. Sometimes, old sofas, chairs, and similar objects just need new stuffing and fabrics to transform them into delightful additions to your home instead of unsanitary rejects.

Crate to Storage Space

Wood crates are also another popular object to toss into the garbage. Crates are often used as impromptu seats and tables, but that’s selling short of their potential. Gather a few crates, as many as six or seven, and give them new paint jobs. Attach them using wood glue, plastic ties, or small nails. Your new crate configuration can serve as a handy shelf, perfect for books, clothes, and other objects.

Wood Pallet to Picnic Table

Large wood pallets, often the results of moving houses or discarded from warehouses, can be incredibly versatile when upcycled. One way you can reuse a wood pallet is to use it in your backyard as a picnic table. Smooth the surface with a sander and repaint it before putting it our in your patio or on the grass on a waterproof tarp. Bring out cushions for sitting whenever you want to eat alfresco.

Just Add Wheels

Do you have any small chests or organizers you feel are no longer appropriate for your house? Don’t throw them away, just add wheels! Repaint a small cabinet and install tiles on top to make a rolling kitchen station. You can bust it out at Thanksgiving for carving the meat or after dinner to serve as a tea and coffee cart.

Upcycling can be fun and easy, not to mention friendly to the environment. Each of these projects not only keeps trash from accumulating but also allows you to express your artistic talents.

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