Four Major Reasons You Should Move Out of Your Parents’ House

In 2018, a study said that almost 40% of Americans aged 18 to 34 years old were still living with their parents. That was the highest percentage in the last decade. Backtrack to about four decades ago and 18-year-olds just couldn’t wait to turn the legal age and move out of their parents’ house. But that hasn’t been the case since the early 2010s, when the rate of millennials living with their parents rose by 32% from 2008 to 2013.

You can choose to live in granny flats in your parents’ backyards, but does that spell independence to you? There are valid and understandable reasons millennials aren’t moving out. Experts say that it’s because of the high cost of living today, but reasons such as loss of job, divorce, illness, and college are also valid “excuses.” And yes, it’s cool to still have your mom prepare your breakfast and your dad change the tires on your car.

But if you’re already earning enough for your needs, you should think about living your parents’ home. There are very practical reasons this should be done. You and your parents are going to benefit from it.

Gain Independence

Can you call yourself independent if you are still living with your parents? There is nothing more liberating and satisfying than having autonomy over yourself and your space. Imagine having no house rules to observe. Imagine being able to come home at any time of day without hearing the snide remarks from your mother. Wouldn’t that be a joy?

Do It for Your Parents

man moving outIt’s not really about your ability to pay the bills that will signal your readiness to live on your own. You may worry about your phone bill, but aside from that, what else do you have to worry about? They take care of the food and the housecleaning. They take care of the maintenance of the house. And if you have car troubles, your dad’s car is always in the garage for you to borrow.

It’s about time for your parents to stop caring for an adult. They have to spend their retirement fund on themselves. They need to enjoy themselves, travel the world, dine out, and laze around the house if they want.

Go Dating

Living with your parents is a major deterrent to dating. Not only won’t you have privacy with your dates, but it can be a major turn off for a potential partner to see you are still living with your parents. Someone you like may prefer someone independent. It’s way sexier and more responsible to have your own place.

Don’t Put off the Inevitable

The longer you stay with your parents, the more difficult it will be to leave. And yes, you will have to leave in the near future. It’s just a matter of when your parents will have the courage to tell you to move out. Or do you think you’ll want to stay with your parents after you get married? Your parents have already done their job of raising you. Your job now is not to help them per se but not to be a burden to them anymore.

If your parents are already sending signals that it’s time for you to move out, take the hint. It is as much as it is for you as it is for them. You have to learn how to live on your own. That will make you a more responsible adult.

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