Five Most Common Mistakes We Make When Renovating a Home

Renovating or remodeling a home can be a real challenge. The cost of renovation can be somewhere between $10,000 for a small bathroom to $22,000 for a kitchen. Renovating a home does not always guarantee added value. Sometimes, home sellers can’t even recuperate half of what they have spent on renovation.

That being said, it does not mean not to renovate and remodel your house. When done correctly in other cities or Kansas City, kitchen remodeling can be really beneficial to the occupants. But before you take on any renovation project, make sure that you avoid making these common mistakes:

Rushing the Job

Reality TV is not, well, real. You can’t build or remodel a home in two days. You have to be realistic with your time frame. Most remodeling work can be done in either three to six months. Bigger projects tend to go over that period. Renovating is more of a challenge for contractors because there are existing structures that need to either be avoided or removed. Giving yourself enough time to finish the renovation will allow for better planning and execution.

Not Minding Team Dynamics

If you already have a plan from the architect, take it to your contractor and see if you can afford it. The worst thing that you can do is planning the renovation with your architect without first consulting a contractor. In the end, you may find out that you’re out of budget. You have already wasted much of your time planning something you cannot afford. Assemble your team of architects, contractors, and designers so that you can consult with them on various aspects of the project.

Failing to Meet Suppliers

engineer and architect planning construction

Meet your suppliers and contractors in person. Although your contractor may recommend designers and plumbers, it does not mean that you should hire these people. You have to meet them in person. You have to be comfortable with them. If that first or second meeting did not go well, don’t feel obligated to hire them. These problems will be magnified once the project starts. It will affect the overall success of the project.

Not Communicating with Your Contractor

Communication is key to bringing your project to success. You need to communicate with your contractor constantly. You need to reach out to them whenever you have problems with the project. Never make side comments about their work or their professionalism. Trust that these comments will ruin whatever relationship you have with your contractor. Also, establish a clear set of rules in terms of communication. When do you expect a report from the contractor? How will you communicate? Via text message? Call? Or email?

Deciding Without Consulting

You might have pinned loads of posts on Pinterest. You have to remember that these are not all practical. Some of these cost a fortune. Some are just for really crafty people. Know how to balance design and functionality. If you are going to choose lightning and furniture for your newly renovated home, work with a designer to make sure that you’re picking a good-quality design.

Renovating a home is all about compromise. You need to accept the fact that not all things will go your way. Even if you have the money for a grand renovation project, there will still be some hiccups along the way. However, avoiding these costly mistakes will bring you closer to success.

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