Cozy Spots for a Much-deserved Quiet Time

People should not treat homes as a place to eat, clean up, and sleep. Sometimes, this becomes the case because of people’s busy lifestyles. Making time to indulge in a book, write a journal, or contemplate about things can help you relax. Choose your private area, cozy spot, or quiet space, or whatever you wish to call it. Here are some ideas for such spots:

In Front of the Hearth

A fireplace spells nothing but warmth. This is a perfect spot to relax. A gas fireplace insert in your Salt Lake City home will reduce your work. You do not need to worry about stoking the fire or having a good supply of logs. You have more time for yourself. Turn off the main lights and turn on the hearth. A thick blanket coupled with floor cushions will make this spot very comfortable. You can spend some quiet time here when everybody has settled in for the night. A cup of hot cocoa will complete the experience for you.

Secluded in the Garden

Nature has a way of calming a person. Thus, if you want a quiet retreat from all the hustle and bustle, surround yourself with the greenery. A comfortable chair, a hammock, or a hanging basket swing tucked in your garden is an excellent idea. You can stay here for hours to an end doing things that can recharge your tired body and mind. Bringing in a cold beverage such as lemonade will help you relax more.

A Corner in Your Home

You can transform some unused spaces in your home into quiet corners. A wide windowsill, an alcove, and the space under the stairs make nice spots for a well-deserved “me time.” The key to these spaces is to provide comfortable seats. Put a cushion that fits the whole window sill. Have bean bags or an individual couch for your alcove and that space under the stairs. Most of the time, these spaces turn into reading nooks. Have a small stash of your book choices here. You can also do your hobbies here such as drawing and writing.

 large kitchen interior

Near the Warmth of the Oven

Even with activities present in a kitchen, there is something warm about this place. But if you plan to have your quality time in this room, do it when there is no active cooking and everything is clean. Cooking and washing the dishes help some people relax. But having a quiet space does not involve such activities. You can stay in this place early in the morning to plan your day or late in the evening to unwind. One perfect spot in a kitchen is a high stool near your counter. Choose a soft light to help you feel relaxed. Being in this room will also make you feel grateful. You will realize how blessed you are to have good food.

Overlooking the World Below You

A balcony is an excellent quiet space. The outdoors and the height make a good combination. They give you a clearer perspective. You see the world in front of you. But you are detached from it. Watching people can be a meditative activity. Observing how people move and react will expose you to differences among people. You can also do some yoga in your balcony. A comfortable chair or a mattress will help make this area your own.

Quiet time is very important. Make sure that the spot you choose will help to rejuvenate you. Design it with silence, comfort, and relaxation in mind.

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