Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home

Check out the best flooring options for the different rooms in your house. Whether it’s Barnes flooring or something more generic, it is best to identify which type works well in a specific area.

Recommended Flooring for Different Areas of Your Home


Any type of flooring material will do for this part of your home since most people wipe their shoes off doormats before entering a house. However, if the house gets plenty of traffic, like with kids and pets, it is best to get a scratch-resistant material.

Living Room

Just like the entryway, the flooring options for the living room are endless. Hardwood will always be a classic look. Slate, terra cotta, marble, granite, and carpet also make for good flooring materials for the living area.

Dining Room

Normally, a dining room extends to the kitchen so it is more practical to keep both areas’ flooring similar, whether it is cork, tile, hardwood, or vinyl. However, if you want your dining room to have an entirely different feel from the kitchen, hardwood almost always never fails to impress. 


One of the special areas in the house deserves a special treatment, flooring-wise. It requires the hardest and toughest flooring material that’s also easy to clean and maintain. For these reasons, wood, vinyl, and porcelain tiles are highly recommended.

Kids’ Room

Children’s safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to designing their rooms, including the flooring. It is best to line the room with carpet since it is soft and can help break children’s falls. It is also nonslippery so the risk of accidents is lessened.


Similar to a kids’ room, bedrooms should ideally be lined up with carpet. It helps absorb sound and is comfortable to the feet. You have tons of different choices available that suit your style and preference. 

Study or Library

A study or library is supposed to help enhance one’s mood for learning and relaxing. Wooden flooring with a rich dark color can help set the mood for an evening of reading. If you’re on a tight budget, laminate flooring can do the trick.


Although it doesn’t get as much traffic or sunlight as other areas of the house, bathroom floorings should be given great thought and careful consideration. Water splashes, shower drips, urine stains, all of these factor into the wear-and-tear of the floor. It is highly recommended to go with porcelain tiles and natural stone or marble, provided they are layered with a protective coating.


Regardless of how you intend to use your basement, whether it’s as a rec room, a cellar, a workshop, or a man cave, make sure you check the concrete slab first for signs of dampness and moisture. If there are moisture issues with the concrete, wood, laminate, and cork aren’t the best options as these materials absorb water and moisture. Now, if moisture is a non-issue, the carpet will help add warmth and aesthetic appeal to the room. Otherwise, it is best to go with vinyl.

For most people, the choices boil down to durability or style. A huge majority would rather go for durability, dismissing the aesthetic factor as a consideration. The recommendations given above meet both standards of durability and aesthetics.

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