Running a Catering Service Business with a Twist

A catering service indeed involves manpower and great food. The competition relies on the taste of the food and the rental price. How about starting the business with a different approach? Ever wonder what those are? Besides, a display of great chafing dishes that add charisma to the food,  there should be some ideas that would provide entrepreneurs obtain more clients. A different approach in the business sometimes creates curiosity in clients that would find the service interesting.

There are many reasons why we need to have a different approach in a business. They are called “a strategy within a strategy” plans. It helps a business to provide new concepts and ideas to customers that they would keep on using the service or appreciate the product. This leads to more potential clients through word of mouth as they experience how the business that an entrepreneur owns provides an excellent and fun experience.

A business needs to have their unique style on how they would attract customers and it applies to all business ventures including a catering business. Here are some unique strategies to run a catering business.

Add a band

Catering businesses normally compete with the food they offer. A great catering service is normally known for its great food taste. However, it is not bad to add some twist to the service it provides. An entrepreneur could hire a band to add some more excitement to the event. It is always enjoyable to eat while people listen to great music, especially if the band allows customers to request the song they want. Clients would normally want that to have it as a package. Why not? People would want a band at their weddings or reunions. It is a great party while having to experience great food.

Come up with a theme

An entrepreneur could also come up with different themes, depending on the event. Let the waiters and waitresses dressed up in costumes. A reunion party could be fitting for this type of gimmick such as a star wars theme or a medieval age theme. It is a great way to let storm troopers serve beer while the party is going. People would normally talk about the unique catering service they experience and it is a way to get more clients.

How about performing bartenders and a disc jockey?

It is common in bars that bartenders would perform acts while mixing drinks. Why not add it to a catering service and include a disc jockey that would provide music. That would be too cool for a party. Catering services are also known for serving beer and it is a great way to add some twist while doing service. This gimmick could work on different events that would like to get a more fun party during an event, especially Christmas parties and company anniversaries.

Add more fun variety to the food offered

Not all events are for adults. Most of the time, catering services are being rented for family gatherings and a lot of children are present. Some children would complain about the food and refuse to eat what is on the table. There is science behind children refusing to eat, but it can be resolved at a party if there are other varieties for them. Add varieties of food that children would want to eat like chicken and potatoes, pizza, burgers, and more. Though it may not seem healthy, it is not bad to have some of those at a party. The main goal is to let everybody enjoy the food and have a happy experience.

Think of unique food presentations and funny titles on them

An important thing to consider in catering services is food presentation. It is not all about taste, it is the way to attract someone to try it and let them know how great it tastes. One way to add curiosity is to add some unique vegetable designs to the dish to look more interesting. A funny title will also help people remember the food they tried and it will create a good experience. It is a  way to market the food the catering service is offering.

A catering service involves a lot of work. From preparation to packing up after the event, everything needs to be organized. These ideas would only help entrepreneurs to come up with some unique approach for their customers. The most important things that a catering service should maintain are great food and great service.

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