Start Your Summer Right: Making New Traditions as a Family

After the stressful events and all the canceled plans from the previous year, we all deserve a day out in the sun full of fun and relaxation. It’s time to celebrate life and everything else in between. However, just because the summer will be a bit different from those we were used to does not make spending time with our families less enjoyable. If anything, you should make the most of your summer days. In fact, reports say that more and more Americans are eager to go on vacation this year, especially as vaccines are rolling out in most states.

If the pandemic has taught us one important lesson, it’s to make every moment count and appreciate every second of it, especially when you get to spend it with your loved ones. While summer allows us to celebrate long-standing family customs, spicing it up a bit by establishing new ones might be a little more enjoyable and draw the family together. Of course, you can always tailor it to suit your family’s values.

Aside from providing enjoyment, traditions are generally a framework to form family values, as well as provide opportunities to build positive development among children and strengthen connections. They also teach children a sense of belongingness and foster a positive self-image while enhancing interpersonal skills and bettering their self-esteem. Moreover, these customs help you stitch beautiful memories, values, and culture that your family can cherish and pass on to the generations to follow.

As we turn over a new leaf, gather your family around and create new traditions perfect for your summer holidays.

Pick your next getaway by tossing darts

For most people, summer vacations signify relaxation and fun activities away from the stress of work, school, and everyday life. If you enjoy the concept of picking where your family will go on vacation each time you get the chance, why not make it a little more interesting by choosing a destination by tossing darts on a map? The spontaneity of it all adds a tremendous amount of thrill, and it encourages everyone to participate in both the selecting and decision-making process by taking turns. For example, if your spouse has chosen the place to spend your annual spring holidays, then you may ask your daughter to do the honors for your summer getaway.

Similarly, you can also let one family member decide on the destination and another one to decide on recreational activities and celebrations you can do while you’re there. Did your son just turn 18? Why not include the best places around the coast where you can hire a boat for a birthday party? Is it your 30th wedding anniversary? Put that camping trip plan on the map with your family. You may even add matching outfits you get to wear on your way to your vacation spot. The possibilities are endless, so it’s up to you to make it work for your family.

Plan a weekend family barbecue with your special recipe

family barbecue

Grilling is the epitome of summer. Adding your own flavors to it can make your weekend backyard barbecue tradition more exciting and family-centered. First, prepare your outdoor area by clearing away any dirt, rubble, and other remnants to avoid any accidents or injuries, especially if you have younger, active kids running around. Then, establish a nice recreational space where you can prepare and arrange your selection of appetizers, fruits, vegetables, desserts, seasonings, and the main dish itself. If you plan to accommodate your extended family, you can also add games for everyone to enjoy.

A lazy-productive weekend

Contrary to popular belief, having a lazy day at least once a week is actually good for you, as it gives you enough time to reset your mind. This results in better productivity and motivation. Take advantage of your Saturday or Sunday mornings by staying a bit longer in bed with your loved ones. For instance, if you usually get up at 6 a.m., you can set a lazy weekend tradition by letting yourselves enjoy your warm beds and adding about 30 minutes to an hour more to your clock.

Reward yourself with a cup of your favorite drink in bed and some sweet treats for your kids. Use this time to reconnect with them, learn more about one another, and draw yourselves closer together. Doing this tradition is also a fantastic way to start your weekend off right.

Cultivating a sense of belonging, warmth, and intimacy among your family members is valuable. Traditions can create unique experiences and stronger family relationships. Of course, you can always start a new family tradition at any time, regardless of the season. Just make sure they align with your values and morale. Above all, give yourself the time and space to enjoy and cherish every moment.

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