6 Marketing Tips: How to Influence Millennials to Reach for their Wallets

Contrary to popular belief, Millennials are not a hard nut to crack. Brands, take note!

There are sure-fire ways to win them over—through eye-candy packaging, strategic use of user-generated content, and heaps of giveaways. So, if you want them to make a reach for their wallets, follow these six steps.

Make It Look ‘Custom-Made’

It’s time to throw out that played-out sales script of yours. The here’s-why-we’re-better-than-brand-x form of reasoning will not win the hearts of Millennials.

You can’t impress this generation with price comparisons or product details theatrically printed on brochures. You have to make them want to “need” whatever you’re selling.

Sell your product as if it was tailor-made to satisfy their needs or was created to solve their problems. Whether you’re selling silk pajamas or offering a physical therapy franchise, a personalized approach will help Millennials discover the value of your products and services.

Don’t think of sales as something you should shove down people’s throats. Effective marketing is about helping your consumers arrive at a decision.

Capitalize on Online Stars

You’re selling to a tech-savvy generation, so capitalize on the internet to win them over.

According to statistics, 93% of Millennials revealed that user-generated content (UGC) influences their buying decisions. This shows the massive trust of Millennials on online influencers. So, using key personalities who could lure in Millennials towards your brand makes for an effective marketing strategy.

With a higher engagement rate, UGC is a great tool to capture Millennials’ attention. Unlike commercial ads that seem impersonal, UGC resonates with them. Plus, they trust their recommendations more than celebrities. You’d be amazed at the rate of traffic a small-scale business can receive when featured on an influencer’s YouTube channel. If you want the tech-savvy to trust you, cash in on online influencers.

Make It Instagram-Worthy

Millennials have a penchant for cute packaging. This generation has a grave obsession for chic aesthetic, anything that would look good in an Instagram Story.

This generation is very particular when it comes to how products are presented to them. When businesses put thought into their packaging, that’s a sign of credibility and a display of passion, which you don’t often see in a lot of brands these days.

Millennials are also drawn to packaging that is eco-friendly and ethically made. This generation is all about a sustainable lifestyle. They support brands that promote environmental causes and share the same beliefs as them. If you’re one of those brands, then you have a special place in Millennials’ hearts.

Give the Goodies

Millennials feel a different kind of rush when their ordered items have finally arrived at their front porch steps. But they are ecstatic when they find free goodies inside.

This is now a trend. Some brands give freebies alongside the actual product their customers bought. This is a way to capitalize on current customers by introducing them to other products on the shelf.

This allows consumers to test out items they don’t usually buy. So, if your products are impressive, they’ll be adding new items on their cart the next time they visit your website.

Make It Hassle-Free

using a phone

Don’t make buying seem like an obstacle because chances are, Millennials will hit the X button before even making a purchase.

Millennials don’t have the patience to deal with crashing websites or sites that redirect them to multiple windows when they’re trying to avail of a service or buy a product. Cut down the process to a few steps. Invest in a website that is fast, reliable, and efficient.

Your quality of service tells a lot about your brand. So, if you want Millennials to repurchase your product, make them feel buying at your store is like a walk in the park.

Team Up

You can’t win this battle alone. You need a little help to pull in Millennials to your brand.

Product partnerships sell exclusivity to its consumer. They want what only a chosen few can have. But aside from that, they are drawn to products born out of unlikely collaborations. Why do you think the “name a better duo, I’ll wait” meme is so popular? Millennials just love a good mashup. There’s a reason why tie-ups like Apple x Nike, Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid, or ColourPop x Jenn Im succeed. Whether you’re tying up with an influencer or a brand, if you utilize this strategy, Millennials will be running to your store in no time.

Indeed, you can’t impress Millennials with old-school sales talk. The best way to effectively market to Millennials is to speak their language. Following these six methods will surely take your business to new heights.

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