10 Car Mods for Improved Performance That’s Worth Your Money

We’ve all been exposed to different car mods at different times in our lives. Some more than others. And there’s a whole lot of us that have had upgrades done to our own cars.

The question now is this: are car mods really worth it?

Mods are not alike and are built differently

Like everything else, not all car mods are built the same. And not all mods will get you your desired results. A lot of folks make certain upgrades on their automobiles for purely aesthetic reasons — either to make it look more intimidating or classy. Others, on the other hand, mod their cars to boost (pun not intended) its performance. The rest have no idea what they’re doing at all.

Now we believe that the reason why you’re reading this now is you want to know which car mods are actually worth your money as far as performance is concerned. Sure, you’ve already bought some aftermarket stuff and made a couple of improvements on your car audio and other electronic devices. But you want to get the most out of your car, too.

Here are a few car mods that we believe will get you all the bang you want for your buck.

10 Worth-It Car Mods to Improve Your Auto’s Performance

1. Tires

Whatever you do, never cheap out on your tires. Ever.

A good set will probably cost you anywhere between $150 and $300 per tire. This is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a car. Your tires affect the way your car accelerates, breaks, and corners which may spell the difference between life and death on the road.

2. Race Seats and Harnesses

Car seat belts work well in keeping you safe. However, one advantage that race seats and harnesses have is it keeps your body more secure and stable whenever you take a turn or hit the brakes. At a few hundred bucks for a pair of each, you get more accuracy in your driving and can make quick adjustments to certain driving conditions.

3. LSD

We’re talking about a limited slip differential, not the other one, silly. An LSD helps you gain more horsepower instead of spending double, triple, or quadruple its price on engine mods which technically gets you similar results. Would you rather spend $500 on one or thousands of dollars on engine upgrades? No contest, right?

4. Brake Pads and Brake Lines

Brake pads and brake lines are crucial parts of a car. Well, everything is, but you know how important a car’s brake system is. Replacing your brake pads and lines that are fit for the type of driving you do will significantly impact how your brakes work.

5. Quick-Ratio Steering Rack

This won’t really work with every type of car but if you do a little homework and find a version of your car that came with one of these, then it’s definitely worth getting. It will make your wheels respond better to your steering wheel and give your car a sportier feel.

6. Replacement Bushings

parking car

Bushings are little rubber pieces that are found in your vehicle’s suspension. They absorb the vibration, noise, and harshness in your suspension. Since they are made of rubber, they wear out over time. Once wear-and-tear takes place, different parts start to move more than they should so to prevent it from getting worse, replace them with a fresh set to make your car feel brand new.

7. Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar

An anti-roll bar, or a sway bar, connects both ends of your vehicle’s suspension to prevent it from leaning when you male sharp turns. It evenly distributes your car’s weight and stabilizes it. Tinker with it as much as you want until you’re happy with the way your car feels on the road.

8. Shock Absorbers and Springs

Contrary to what others are doing, you don’t really need to go fancy with your shock absorbers. A good quality set of shock absorbers paired with stiffer and lower springs can greatly enhance its performance, especially on rough roads.

9. Bare Interiors

Disclaimer: Only do this if you are intent on making your car faster. Otherwise, you might regret doing it because it will take away a lot of aesthetic value to your car’s interior. The idea here is if you make your car lighter, it will go faster. Stripping it down to the bare minimum can make it lighter by 300 pounds which can dramatically increase your speed on the highway.

10. The Nut behind the Wheel

Lastly, if you’re to make any other adjustments, don’t forget the nut behind the wheel. That means you. The way you drive and your attitude will matter a lot when you’re on the road. Be a responsible driver and always follow traffic rules. With all the accidents that take place on the road, the life you save can be yours.

While there are a few more worthy car upgrades, these are the top ten mods on our list. Before you get any work done on your car, be sure to consult an expert or a mechanic about it. They can help give you the necessary information you need to make the right decisions.

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