Home Trends We Don’t Want to Come Back

Building or buying a home is just one of the first steps to being a homeowner. The next major thing that we have to take on is its interior design. This may be the fun part. It’s where we get to decide how we want our house to look. It’s where we get to inject some of our personality into the space.

But it can be hard to decide on the look we want. If we want to have a bit of a regal flair, we can go for something classic, or Victorian. If we want something edgy and sleek, then we can for a mix of minimalist and industrial. The possibilities are endless. And this is why it can be overwhelming. What we can do is start with knowing about interior design ideas that we should avoid.

Carpet on the Wall

When thinking of how to design our homes, we always start with the wall. What color do we want? Do we want prints? Do we want something a bit more textured such as exposed brick or wood panels? We have the whole blank canvas of the Form Direct concrete on the wall. We can do whatever we want.

So would you believe that, for a time, people installed carpet on their walls? Carpets covering the whole expanse of the floor can be tacky already. It attracts dust and odor. So cleaning the carpet on the walls can be a nightmare. How would you even vacuum the whole of it?

Laminated Floors and Walls

This trend, we can understand. Many of us dream of having hardwood floors or tiles that echo some classic, Spanish-style homes. But we know that the panels of wood and the pieces of tiles can be expensive. So if the floors that we want are beyond our price range, we opt for laminated floors that bear the print that we want.

But laminated floors can never compete with real materials. It may always look fake. So if you have room in your budget, invest in the floors that you really want.

Stainless Steel Overload

If you want a kitchen with a modern design, then it’s natural to opt for stainless steel appliances. You might have a lot of darker overtones around the room. So the shiny grey color of the appliances can fit right in. It’s not so bad, right? After all, there are many benefits to stainless steel. The most significant is that it’s resistant to some bacteria.

But if you have too much stainless steel around the room, then you might end up losing some of the homey feel that we want our house to always have. Your kitchen might look like an industrial one made for five-star restaurants, not Sunday brunches with your family.

Bathroom Walls Covered with Mirrors

There are benefits to having mirrors all over the bathroom walls. Since the room tends to be smaller most of the time, having mirrors makes the room seem bigger. It also helps when the room doesn’t have a window.

Sure, having two mirrors facing each other does create that interesting effect, an infinite image of the person or thing standing between them. But the novelty of it can wear off. There is such a thing as having too many mirrors in a room. It might end up similar to a house of mirrors, a booth that we visit when we’re at the carnival. No one would want to go to use the toilet in a room like that.

Toilet Seat Covers

While we’re on the subject of the bathroom’s interior design, here is another trend that we don’t want to see in that room. You’ve probably seen this in your grandmother’s house. It’s a cover with ruffles on it, hanging around the tank and the bowls. It’s as if we’re dressing a toilet up for a night out.

It’s one thing to decorate your toilet bowl during the holidays. Some of us aren’t above putting a cloth with Santa’s or Rudolph’s face on it on the toilet seat cover. But we should draw the line to having ruffles all year round. And plus, having cloth around the toilet isn’t hygienic. We wouldn’t want to think about the bacteria that can cling to the cloth.

dining area minimalist

Deciding on the decorations and the overall look of our house can be a daunting task. It’s a decision that, once we start, we have to commit to it. So it’s good to know about the trends that we ought to avoid. They’re outdated, outrageous, and out-of-style for good reason. We wouldn’t want them to make a comeback.

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