Why Your Community Needs an Urgent Care Center

At times, we encounter little accidents that need the immediate care of a medical professional. They’re not extremely serious, but failure to treat them right away may lead to complications. This is where Urgent Care comes in.

For some acute medical conditions, going to the Emergency Room is unnecessary. Urgent Care Centers are walk-in clinics that provide medical actions to patients with minor injuries and illnesses that need treatment within 24 hours. Non-emergencies include cuts, breathing difficulties, eye irritation, sore throat, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

Urgent Care saves patients from long waiting hours in the Emergency Room. Urgent Care patients do not need to compete with patients in life-or-death situations. Because of this, patients are treated with undivided care and attention. In fact, patients can be released from Urgent Care in less than an hour.

Today, there are 7,000 Urgent Care facilities in the US. Because of its convenience, this type of medical care continues to grow. A healthcare franchise like this is crucial to people’s health because of these reasons:

1. It prevents overcrowding in emergency rooms.

Imagine having a cut that’s perpetually bleeding, but the patient can’t get urgent treatment because many other patients came before them. The situation can get worse over time.

Emergency rooms should be reserved for patients whose lives are in danger. Otherwise, everyone’s health will be compromised by long waiting hours.

According to data, Urgent Care Centers can expedite emergency room visits by 35%. Urgent Care Centers drive patients with acute medical conditions away from emergency rooms to give way for more severe cases.

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2. Urgent Care Centers treat acute medical conditions more efficiently.

Since these clinics are tailored for minor injuries and illnesses, they can treat patients efficiently. In the US, “57% of patients wait 15 minutes or less to be seen, and about 80% of all visits are accomplished in 60 minutes or less.” Moreover, Urgent Care Centers accept walk-in patients 24/7. Even if illnesses come at ungodly hours, and a personal physician is unavailable, patients can get themselves treated at the nearest Urgent Care Center.

3. They are affordable.

Urgent Care Centers offer quality service for a fraction of an emergency room’s price. For example, going to the emergency room for allergy treatments can cost $345. In an urgent care center: $97. Urgent Care Centers also accept insurance, so costs can be even cheaper.

Before going to the nearest Urgent Care Center, take note of these:

  • Consider the specialization of Urgent Care Centers (i.e., pediatrics, women’s health, etc.) Patients would want to visit a clinic that can cater to their specific medical needs.
  • Bring medical records. Since your personal physician may not be there, presenting your medical records will inform healthcare providers about your existing conditions. Then, they will know what and what not to do.

Having an Urgent Care Center in your community is necessary for convenience, efficiency, and affordability. A nearby clinic will give more accessible healthcare services in your area. The more Urgent Care Centers there are, the more lives are saved.

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