Welcome Pets! A Growing Trend in the Hospitality Industry

What happens if a guest asks you if they can rent a hotel room with their dog? Have you already said yes to such a request? Or you still among those who still haven’t figured out if they should welcome pets into their establishments?

As the number of travelers taking their pets to virtually everywhere continues to rise, hotel owners and managers are torn between saying yes and no. Not all guests are fond of animals and fur allergies. Untrained dogs can also pose a safety threat to other guests. Another concern is how they can reduce the chances of pets damaging hotel property. Others are more focused on the sanitary part, which makes investing in the right janitorial supplies and cleaning products a must.

With all the drawbacks come the perks. Pet-friendly establishments are now enjoying more success since many consumers are asking for such a feature. While not all guests are animal lovers, pet-friendly businesses are taking the industry by storm. There are ways you can attract more customers and boost your revenue, without scaring your guests who are not so keen on the idea.

To help you start welcoming pets to your hotel, here are some pet-friendly tips that you need to take seriously:

Lay down some restrictions

Those hotels who already are successful with their pet-friendly feature knows that one key to success is setting up some strict hotel requirements for pets. Planning the restrictions will keep you from the headache in case a pet creates any damage, disturbs other guests, makes a mess, or enters a restricted area. It is always a good idea to indicate the number of pets that can be brought, the kind of pet or breed, and the maximum number of pet allowed per room.

Consider your other guests

Chances are that not all guests are on board with having pets inside the hotel. As much as possible, separate the rooms of your regular guests from where pet owners and their pets can stay. One can do this by choosing a specific floor of your hotel as the dedicated pet-friendly area. This way, other guests will have peace of mind knowing that you still care about their welfare.

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Offer pet-friendly amenities

Make sure to offer nice pet amenities. Provide bedding options appropriate for the type or breed you allow in the establishment. Have some pet supplies ready. You can even use this opportunity to partner with a local dog treat company so that you can upsell products to your customers.

Consider pet-sitting or dog-walking services

Busy pet owners may not have the time and energy to take care of their pets. This is especially true if they are in the hotel for business or simply want to enjoy their stay. To provide them with some “me time,” consider selling dog-walking or pet-sitting services. Appoint trained staff to walk and watch after the pets.

Many pet owners can attest that they find it hard to leave their pets behind even if it is just for a few days. This is why pet-friendly establishments are a big hit. If you are ready to say yes to this trend, make sure to plan your new pet-friendly hotel feature.

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