Unhealthy Obsessions: Vices in the Modern World

People lead different lives. We each have our unique paths, even if most activities feel similar. The outcome, goals, results, and situations will vary, and they are all according to the decisions we make for ourselves. Because of this, people cannot truly impose or dictate what others should do with their respective lives. Suggestions and opinions might be welcome, but the decision will not be in our hands. Certain activities or habits might not be healthy for you, which causes concern for the people in your life.

Most people have vices, and they find it difficult to stop. Those are the unhealthy and harmful activities introduced to your life. Even with the knowledge that you have to stop them, your body and mind might crave it. Trying to eliminate them by yourself might have unsuccessful results. People with unhealthy obsessions might require assistance, especially with these activities.


There are plenty of unhealthy habits that people can spot immediately. The most obvious activity that is challenging to stomach is smoking. Right from the bat, the people you spot smoking are already maintaining an unhealthy obsession with nicotine. It doesn’t matter if they smoke one stick or 20 a day because everything about the habit is harmful. Every organ of your body will receive damage, significantly reducing health. It remains challenging to fight nicotine addiction despite knowing it is one of the primary causes of death in the United States.

You might be an unrelenting smoker, going through at least a pack of cigarettes a day to keep your cravings at bay. You tried stopping, but there was no way to quench the obsession. Ultimately, nicotine shortage will have a disastrous side effect on your body and mind, making you feel like another cigarette won’t hurt. If you decide to quit smoking, you can call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or seek therapeutic services. Smoking kills, which is enough to convince you to stop the obsession.

Excessive Drinking

Drinking is a social activity. What’s not to love when you hang out with your friends while having the time of your lives? The alcohol might contribute to the occasion, but it certainly isn’t the item at the center of the spotlight. Unfortunately, many people go out to drown themselves with it.

Excessive drinking occurs when you go past the moderate amount for days, whether with your friends or yourself. Unfortunately, there are plenty of health complications that come with excessive drinking. Alcohol could impair decision-making skills and lead to accidents and injuries, making the habit even more dangerous.

Staying disciplined can become a solution for your drinking problems. People must always strive to keep themselves within the moderate amount. If the obsession requires more aggressive treatment, listening to the horrifying stories in alcohol abuse and recovery groups could convince you to stay away from alcoholic beverages.

party drinking

Media Addiction

Intimate activities are a part of life. When you are with a partner, it is a love language that keeps both sides close to each other. However, those things can become an unhealthy addiction. Some addictions are signs of hypersexual disorder. Some of the symptoms include excessive self-pleasure, relentless intimate activities with one or multiple partners, and progressive voyeurism to the point that other tasks suffer.

Viewing graphic materials might make you stop performing daily routines such as survival necessities like eating and showering. Sex addiction, however, poses health problems. The risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases could become an issue when you engage in acts with multiple partners.

You can find addiction groups to help you maintain discipline. You do not have to force yourself to stop making love and instead focus on safety. Some companies engage people with addiction recovery programs, ensuring that their lives will function in a stable state.

Drug Abuse

Drugs are all over us, most of them being necessary for health. Prescription medicines and other compounds require limits, especially for painkillers, depressants, and stimulants. There is also a group of drugs that can induce addiction. Heroin, cocaine, and opium can also ruin people’s lives.

Drug abuse remains a problematic situation for many countries, with over 93,000 U.S. citizens succumbing to an overdose last year. Drug abuse support groups and rehabilitation centers are willing to help you get through the difficult stage.

People, as different as their paths might be in life, will require help. It may come in different forms, especially when talking about career advice and personal life improvements. Assistance is necessary when it involves health, especially when getting rid of these harmful obsessions.

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