10 Ways to Update Your Home Without Spending a Lot of Money

It can be next to impossible to find your dream home in the housing market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build one. Having a beautiful home that you can be proud of takes hard work and creativity. It’s all about finding the right pieces at the right price.

When you find yourself not wanting to leave your home for fear of never finding another one better than this, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and update your current home. It will be hard work, but it’s worth the time and effort you put into it! Here are ten ways to update your home without spending a lot of money:

1. A Fresh Coat Paint

Painting is probably one of the least expensive ways to give your home a facelift for little cost. This works not only in terms of aesthetics, but it can also be functional if you’re trying to sell your home. For example, painting one room to help it stand out from the rest of the house.

2. New Window Treatments

Window treatments should always give a room a finished look and instantly update it. Sometimes we forget about updating things like window treatments because they are not always at the forefront of our minds. Window treatments come in so many styles and fabrics now, so it’s perfectly fine to mix things up a bit.

3. Upgraded Hardware

Hardware is abundant in home stores these days, and if you have some rooms with outdated hardware, it would be well worth your money to upgrade to something more aesthetically pleasing. This works for cabinets and closet doors, but it can also work with furniture pieces like bed frames and dressers.

4. Fresh Accents

Accents are another cheap and easy way to update your home without spending much money. Accent pillows, flowers (fake or real), and new hardware can make a world of difference. Accent pillows and flowers are great for those rooms that you spend the most time in, like the living room or bedroom. If your home is lacking curb appeal, new door hardware would be a great way to help it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood as well as make it feel homier.

5. A Finished Basement

Basements are one of the most significant selling points for some homes, but if yours is unfinished, you’re missing out on a lot of potential space and interest. Unfinished basements can be turned into anything from an office to a playroom. You can hire a basement remodeling contractor to help you with this transformation, or you can do it yourself with a bit of research and creativity.

6. Area Rugs

Area rugs are not only functional for protecting your flooring, but they’re also a great way to update your home without spending a lot of money. Whether you decide to go over the top by adding a brightly colored or patterned rug in the family room or keep it simple with a neutral color in your bedroom, area rugs are an inexpensive way to update your home.

7. New Flooring

Flooring is another one of those things that we don’t always think about updating until we see a floor sample and realize how much better it makes the room look and feel. There are such a variety of new flooring options, extended warranties, and even warranties for pet damage. When updating your flooring, there are so many options to choose from it may be a little overwhelming at first.

8. DIY Projects

The last way to update your home without spending a lot of money is by doing some work yourself. Whether this means painting a room or building a bookshelf, you will be happy you did when the project is done, and your home looks fantastic! Plus, you’ll feel more accomplished and proud of yourself, which leaves you with a beautiful sense of satisfaction.

9. Versatile Curtains

Curtains are another one of the best inexpensive updates you can make. Curtains come in so many styles these days that it would be hard to find a room that doesn’t have at least two or three different options. You can go bold, neutral, eclectic, or relaxed; there is something for everyone when it comes to¬†curtains. Pairing your new curtains with a beautiful throw blanket and adding a few ornaments is a great way to tie the room together as well as update it at the same time.

10. Plant Life

house plant

Plants are another wonderful accessory to have in any room of your home because they’re not only functional but also instantly update a room. If you’re not sure what type of plant will work best for your space, it’s always a good idea to consult the professionals at your local home store.

Updating your home doesn’t have to be expensive, and it will make a world of difference if you take the time to do this work. You’ll be delighted every time you walk through the door because your place looks great! No matter your priorities, there are ways to update your home without spending a lot of money.

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