The Spring Maintenance Checklist for New Homeowners

People who have spent years living in apartments may find it difficult to adapt to homeownership in the first few months. The reasons may vary, but many find it difficult to handle the responsibilities that come with owning a property.

Financial duties aside, maintaining a home requires more work. To make things easier to manage, divide the tasks per season. Here’s a basic spring maintenance checklist that any homeowner can use as a guide.


So many homeowners are remiss in their upkeep of the exterior and outdoor grounds of their properties. This negligence can prove quite detrimental, especially since each season has different effects on the home.

For spring, maintenance means tending to the aftermath of the winter season.

  • Roofing – Extreme cold often results in ice formations that can harm the roof. Once the weather has cleared up, you should carefully look for the following: leaks, punctures, blistering, and missing or damaged shingles. Any of these can lead to water entering the foundation of your house, which can then result in mold and mildew growth. Clear up the gutter, too, so the ice that melts can drain properly.
  • Patio and Walkway – Your patio and walkway may not have gotten much use over the winter, but the season has probably still left its mark. The first thing you should do is to remove whatever’s left of the winter, like grime. Sweeping and pressure washing will help you see if your patio or walkway needs repair. Then, hire specialists in concrete repair in Ogden.
  • Grounds – Landscape maintenance after the winter begins with clean-up. Raking the leaves or perhaps using the leaf blower will clear the grounds of leftover debris from the previous season. After, trim the hedges and remove any weeds. Once you deem it spotless, it’s good to do some replanting or hire some professionals to replenish and revive the greenery on your property before it gets too hot for plants to thrive.


Hand wearing glove pointing to mold in house

Spring is all about new beginnings, which should be welcomed with a cleaner home. Here are a few things that you should do inside.

  • Reorganize and Redesign – Winter items that won’t be of use for the next few months should be stored away immediately. Same with decor used for the holidays. Leaving this task for later will only result in unnecessary clutter. Aside from fixing storage, replace the curtains, sheets, and even the pillowcases in the living room.
  • Wash Everything – Don’t leave any surface of the house uncleaned. Wipe down permanent fixtures like windows, doors, and floors to remove grime and dust. The corners of each room, ceiling and flooring, should be dusted as well.
  • Check-ups – Homeowners who have fireplaces should have their chimneys regularly checked since this is the component that removes dangerous gases from your house. If damaged, the air quality inside will plummet, and may even cause illnesses. The same should be done to any home systems and smoke detectors.

Maintaining your home is a crucial part of homeownership. Not only does it help in fortifying the health of your property, but it’s also an investment in the future — one where you may choose to move to a new home and need to sell the one you currently have.

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