The Lazy Person’s Guide to Surviving Being Alone at Home

Living alone at home can be both a dream and a nightmare for naturally lazy people. On the one hand, no one can boss you around and force you to accomplish mind-numbing tasks you don’t want to do. Psychology Today also outlines the psychological benefits of spending time alone, which includes being free from social pressure, having the time for reflection, and building skills that can improve one’s confidence.

However, having only yourself as the company also means all the responsibilities, equally divided before, now fall on your solitary shoulders. Sometimes, a lot of things go by the wayside because you weren’t bothered to make an effort. This lack of attention can be dangerous, especially for tasks with financial implications such as paying home loans and other bills on time.

Finding that sweet spot of accountability while expending the least amount of effort is not that hard as one might think. The keywords for the lazy person living alone are outsourcing, automation, and technology. Putting that three into action, here are a few strategies to consider:

Avail of a meal delivery plan

Some people find joy in the labor of cooking. There’s nothing like eating something you created, whether it tastes good or not. At least you tried, right? Nope! Any lazy person dreads cooking precisely because of the amount of work it entails. There’s preparing the ingredients, the actual cooking, and the mountain of dishes and tools waiting for you to wash in the sink. The effort doesn’t seem worth it, especially if what you’re making isn’t even delicious anyway.

Sadly though, a lazy person still needs to eat to survive. One hack is to subscribe to an affordable meal delivery plan where they do the cooking for you. All you need to do is to grab your set of meals for the day and microwave them when the time comes. You’re guaranteed excellent and healthy food with close to minimal effort.

Automate tasks and errands

clothes from the dryer

The world is obsessed with productivity. Everything must be done in a fast and efficient manner because the time saved can be used elsewhere. Thanks to the tools and methods that work-obsessed people created, a lazy person can also automate dreaded tasks and errands. They can set a recurring scheduled message to their outsourced cleaning services every month with a few clicks and adjustments. For bills and other payments, most providers offer to charge your credit card automatically. Now, all you have to do is remember to pay your credit card bill, instead of keeping track of everything.

Buy groceries online

With the rise of e-commerce, you can get anything from essential toiletries to nonsensical desk decorations without leaving your room. Scrolling through your phone becomes productive. At least you’re still taking care of your needs instead of skipping hair conditioner because you were too lazy to go to the grocery store and replenish supplies. The best part is that online stores usually have a more diverse inventory than the store nearest your house due to consolidated supply. It’s excellent news when only quality products won’t suddenly give you hives and allergies.

Being a lazy person is no longer a roadblock to surviving an independent lifestyle. Thanks to the power of outsourcing, automation, and technology, you can be both lazy and thriving in your new life chapter.

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