The Ideal Home for Couples Starting a Family

Every married couple has different opinions when it comes to an ideal home. Indeed, no two couples have the same needs, hence a home that fits one may not fit the other. But we can agree on some aspects, such as the ideal location, size, and design of a family home.

For instance, every expecting couple needs a house with multiple bedrooms. It would also be preferable if the home is near quality healthcare facilities and schools. And perhaps, a place not from your workplace will also be great, so you can spend time with your little family after a busy day.

That said, let’s gather all the desirable qualities of a home that will appeal to couples about to start a family.


Location is the most important factor to consider when searching for a new home. Since you’ll be having kids soon, it’s wise to choose a location with reputable schools nearby. A residential complex surrounded with local parks and other public amenities is also ideal, so your family can bond somewhere with fresh air from time to time.

But there are drawbacks in such an ideal location as well. They tend to be favored by other home-buyers, so property prices are on the higher range. If you don’t have enough savings, you might have to delay your moving plans until you acquire the lump sum that you need. But if you have good credit, then you can qualify for an excellent home loan plan, and move into your dream home earlier.

Safety and Security

Aside from a good location, you also have to consider an area or neighborhood’s safety and security. Research about its crime rate, incidents, and surrounding facilities. If the house is near a busy street, for instance, then vehicular accidents may be prone around the area.

Check for natural hazards as well, such as rivers and trees. Being near a river may pose a flood risk during heavy rains, while being surrounded by tall trees may increase property damage risks during a hurricane.


home exterior

A simple exterior is ideal for you, since it’s easier to maintain and allows a lot of room for changes. Tearing structural components down is harder than simply sprucing them up, so go for a no-frills facade that looks appealing enough.

A house with a generous backyard space is also suitable. It’ll be easier to watch over your kids when they’re just playing in your backyard. You can also use the it as an entertaining area, so your interiors can stay clean when you have guests over.


A bright an airy space will be loved by kids. It’ll give them lots of room to move around, and the natural light entering can be a source of vitamin D. In addition, airy spaces allow for family-oriented furnishings, such as eclectic furniture and decor. As a result, your home will look casual and inviting instead of overly formal and imposing.

If you’re working from home, you’d also need a space for a home office. Ideally, it should be on the same level as the living room, so you can easily watch your kids as they play. But if the provision for a home office lies on an upper level, then it should overlook the living room.

Lastly, a spacious kitchen should be on your requirements, too. Since it’s the heart of your home, you need to be able to grow in it, so don’t settle for a cramped one that’ll run out of storage within a short period.

Considering all of these, it seems that the ideal home for a young family is a rather big one. But your investment will be worth it, since you won’t easily outgrow it, and it’ll be fun to redecorate it periodically.

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