Staycations: Taking a Break in Your Own Locality

Our lives can get hectic and unpredictable. As we face these daily challenges and uncertainties, it is natural to experience tremendous amounts of stress. And while our stressful experiences vary, we all certainly have our stress limits.

Stress isn’t necessarily bad. It is a response that prompts us to act on something potentially threatening. Stress makes you take action to avoid any impending harm. It only becomes harmful when your stress levels are too high, too often. Chronic stress will take a toll on you physically and mentally.

Chronic and uncontrolled stress can put your health at risk of mental problems such as depression and anxiety.  It is also a risk factor for physical health problems such as heart disease, lung disease, and other chronic diseases. With that, you should start paying attention to your stress levels more often.

While it can be shocking to know just how much chronic stress can affect our lives, we are not completely defenseless against it. Stress can be heavily managed if one does things that elicit positive emotions. Positive emotions can help combat the effects of chronic stress and can be achieved if you do things you genuinely enjoy.

For some, they might combat stress by regularly doing their most favorite hobbies. Others meet with their friends for a day out together.

One of the most notable ways for people to unwind is by taking vacations typically outside your home city. Vacations are fun and everyone should go occasionally. But does a vacation mean you have to go out of your city? Or can you take a break within your locality?


People often use the term “staycation” to describe a vacation within your local area. It is a breather for city dwellers who need a quick break away from their busy lives. Let’s explore how a staycation may differ from your traditional out-of-town vacations.


Besides the fact that you need not go outside your locality, a staycation may also differ in your expenses. Let’s be honest, going on a trip outside your city can be a financial burden.

Your transportation expenses may cost more depending on how you choose to travel. You have to shell out more money for tickets or car rentals just to get to your vacation. The farther you go, the bigger your bills will be.

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It Saves You Time 

Staycations also save you time. Since traveling to your destinations does not take up much of your vacation time, you now have more to spend on relaxing and unwinding. You are already in your vacation destination by default, so your travel time is cut short by a significant amount.

You also do have to allot time preparing for your trip since you do not need much to be ready. There is no need to wake up early to catch your plane or train. With less time spent on your travel, you are making sure that you are maximizing your vacation time.


Let’s face it, traveling out of town is exhausting. You have to pack more stuff and travel at greater lengths just to get to your place of relaxation. You have to follow a schedule and an itinerary just to keep your vacation on track.

On top of that, you have to travel back again after you are exhausted from your vacation. A lot of energy could have been saved if you chose to spend your vacation locally.


Staying in your city can also help you explore your area better. If you give time to get to know your local area, you may find hidden gems that offer products and services that you may enjoy.

By choosing to go local, you may discover tourist spots or beautiful parks. You may even explore your city’s cuisine and find a new breakfast and lunch cafe in your vicinity.

You can also explore hotels and other places for accommodations in case you want to unwind in a nice place in your local area. The best thing about knowing all these is that you can access them even when you are not on your vacation anymore.

Vacationing in your local area means helping the local businesses in your area. Staycations are always worth considering every time you plan to take time off.

Wherever you choose to spend your vacation, what matters most is that you unwind and relieve yourself of the stress you are experiencing. But always remember that you do not need to look far and wide for the relaxation you need. With a little exploration, you may find that the best place to relax is the one that’s closest to you.

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