Why Is This the Right Time to Start a Food Truck Business?

Even with different COVID-19 vaccines available, the deadly disease doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. It persistently infects people and constantly ruins lives. Because of how severe it can get, governments from various nations have resorted to implementing movement restrictions.

One common measure is the shelter-in-place orders. This usually applies to areas most affected by the virus. However, it discourages people from going out and enjoying themselves, affecting certain types of businesses such as restaurants and the like.

Surprisingly though, food trucks are proving to be attractive options for diners. In the U.S., the industry will only continue to prosper and is showing no signs of slowing down. Given that fact, getting one will not be so bad of a business idea.

Is Starting a Food Truck a Good Idea?

Many are unaware of this, but food trucks with bigger names typically make around $200,000 annually. And, of course, just like any other business, they too had to start somewhere. The lesser-known make a little less than $50,000 while those with a good enough reputation can make around $150,000 a year.

The income mainly depends on where the food truck is located. When operating in a highly urbanized city, money will come pretty easily. But being stationed someplace where there aren’t a lot of people is just a bad investment.

Speaking of location, a food truck has the advantage of determining what areas are more likely to generate better income. If an area doesn’t draw the desired number of customers, then moving to another is just easy. Other food establishments that have less mobility do not have this privilege.

The business is profitable because a food truck is designed to serve food fast. People do not have to wait that long to get their order — a perk most restaurants cannot give to customers. Diners who are in a hurry will surely choose to buy from a food truck instead of going to a different place.

Compared to other food establishments, advertising for food trucks is relatively cheaper. Since the business is mobile, a food truck only has to ride through certain routes, and it will get attention right away. That way, money intended for marketing can be used to improve other things.

As with any other businesses, a good enough food truck brand can expand to various locations. The big difference is that the cost is so much lower when compared to others. A food truck does not need ten people working; three will usually do.

Running one does not require paying rent or buying durable and expensive tables and chairs. It is basically a smaller restaurant that is cheaper to start. Everything a regular restaurant does can also be done by a food truck.

What Should the Menu Look Like?

When just starting out, going with the more popular items is the safer option. Almost every operating food truck sells fried food. One of the most common items is burgers, and they come in a variety of sizes and flavors.

Fried food is not difficult to make, and ingredients are cheap and easy to find. Adding a little something special to the loaded fries will no doubt have customers coming back for more. Plus, all that is needed are sacks of potatoes to produce the said delicacy.

And when fries are served, hot dogs should be, too—an item that doesn’t require much effort. Fry one, place it in a bun, scatter some toppings, and then serve—a straightforward process. Selling hot dogs is pretty much a no-brainer since it is one of the most popular types of comfort food today.

food truck

If culture is something important, then adding Mexican and Indian cuisine may be the way to go. Both are considered healthier options since they include fruits, vegetables, and spices. On top of that, both are highly sought after by people regardless of background.

While the said items are delicious, cheap, and easy to make, that doesn’t change the fact that they are unhealthy. Regularly eating them will eventually damage the body. Incorporating a much healthier menu may draw different customers but is still profitable when done correctly.

A food truck isn’t purely about selling food that raises blood pressure; it also allows hopefuls to start a juice bar or smoothie business. Because of the coronavirus threat and the weight gain during the quarantine period, people are looking to improve their overall health. This model may just attract those kinds of individuals.

Including vegan items can bring in a new wave of customers as well. Diners who miss the taste of junk food but are also trying to stay fit will have no hesitation in trying some. Almost all the usual food truck items have vegan alternatives that anyone can pull off.

Food Trucks Aren’t Going Anywhere

Telling an average person they can make more than the annual average income just by selling food will make them quit their day job in a heartbeat. But revealing that they have to shell out six digits before doing so may kill their excitement. Starting a food truck does require a lot of time and effort.

But if making noise in the food business is the goal, operating a food truck should be highly considered. It is cheaper than opening a restaurant or buying a franchise, yet it does the same thing, it feeds people. When the food is as good as any, expect repeat customers.

Someone new to the endeavor will inevitably face challenges. The lack of attention or projected monthly sales not hitting the target will be some of them. But these problems can easily be solved since a food truck is, after all, a vehicle that can go from one place to another.

If people in an area are not enough or are just not liking the menu, transferring to another shouldn’t be too hard. When the brand has gone to the next level, not expanding will just be silly. Food trucks will soon be more prevalent in the coming years due to their undeniable success today.

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