Software Development: Breaking into the Industry as a Beginner

For the ordinary person, programming and coding might seem like a complicated and otherworldly process, but once you see a pattern in how you should program, it’s more straightforward than what most people think. Programming and coding are almost entirely similar to how most people write languages, but a reasonable degree of logic and analysis needs to be incorporated.

Since almost every aspect of our lives has been affected by technology, automation, and the Internet, programming and software development have slowly risen in popularity with more individuals trying to break into the industry. That isn’t a surprise as an average programmer can earn as much as $84,000 each year, with the lowest in the bell curve being $64,000. Even at the lower end of the spectrum, programmers will still earn more than the average worker.

How Hard Is It to Break into the Industry?

Right off the bat, we want to set your expectations that getting into a developing software job can be challenging, and in most cases, it will be an uphill battle for most budding programmers and developers. Like most high-skilled jobs in-demand in the market right now, most will often require a degree in a specific field; in this case, it could be in information technology or computer science.

But based on how most companies operate and who gets hired, educational attainment isn’t a be-all-end-all factor that most people deem it to be. Most of the time, work experience is a significant factor in this work nature since this will determine the critical professional work attitude.

But contrary to what most people think, you can still break into the industry even if it wasn’t your college course or that you’re not an “expert” in the matter. Although having years of experience through lessons and classes can help with your familiarity with the industry while helping you hone the necessary skills for the case.

Different types of services and software development don’t necessarily need you to learn all programming skills. For instance, web design and development will require you to learn key languages like CSS, HTML, and PHP, but you won’t need to learn other languages unless it’s necessary for your craft.

But other than that, what can a beginner do to break into this industry? Here are some key ways of building up your career in this industry.

Building a Portfolio

codes on a laptopHaving a portfolio of previous works can help reel in more potential clients and build better bridges with business partners. Your portfolio will be an integral factor in whether you will be hired or not during your hiring process.

Once the software has been developed, a part of launching your software is by making the public aware of it. One of the best ways to make the public know about your product is through marketing. There’s no better way than having a SaaS marketing consultant with an impressive portfolio helping your business develop.

On-the-job Training

An internship is one of the best ways of getting experience before you start having a professional career. However, the pay isn’t necessarily as great as most people might think. Getting much-needed training can help give you much-needed room for growth.

Going Freelance

If you’re not too keen on working in a corporate environment, freelancing is known for being a great way of gaining experience. It’s important to note that going freelance means that you will need to have a strong initiative to work by yourself. There’s going to be little to no handholding when you’re freelancing, so you will need to learn fast.

One of the major advantages of going freelance is that you can build your portfolio on the different projects you have taken. Since you are a sole independent contractor that does not work for a particular business organization, it’s easier for you to gain more reputation through your work.

Freelancing also comes with a variety of different advantages. One of the main reasons why most developers go freelance is that they can negotiate their rates at their own liking while also providing much-needed

In summary, there are different ways of breaking into the software development scene. Although it might seem like you will need years of education and experience, one of the best ways to get into the industry is to gain much-needed expertise and build up your portfolio.

Ultimately, patience is a virtue, and you shouldn’t try to rush yourself into breaking into the industry. Most of the time, the process of finding a job in this industry, especially if you’re a beginner, might take months. Learning and gaining experience should be a priority. Once you have gained enough traction and momentum, you will easily do your work while accelerating your career.

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