After the merry-making of the holiday season comes the not-so-likable post-party or post-holiday cleanup. While your thoughts anticipate loads of work waiting for you at the office, cleaning up is one task that you cannot delay before going back to work. Here are some strategies to make things easier:

Prepare boxes and label them.

The holiday decorations are usually bought in their own boxes. Should you have forgotten to keep them, shoe boxes can serve the same purpose. One smart idea is to label these boxes when you tuck them away in cabinets or the attic. This way, it would be easier to identify when the time comes that you will need them again. You can go to the lengths of printing paper sticker labels or color-coded these boxes. Doing this is especially helpful when you use color themes for your holiday decorations.

Buy some transparent recycling bin

As with any household, holiday decorations succumb to wear and tear no matter how careful you keep them. Colors may fade, or an essential part of the ornament may need repairing, or worse, be broken. You can use these broken or old decorations for future projects. Ideas may come up, and you may need them for school projects or to accent a personal craft project you are planning. Throwing away ornaments that can be repaired can be put away in a transparent recycling bin. This way, you can see the contents and work on it during your leisure time.

In with the new, out with the old

thrift store

The holiday season is a time of giving as well as receiving. You would have received one or two coffee mugs or an elegant set of silverware. There is no use of keeping them all and only to bring out when house guests arrive. It is quite practical to sort out the old items that you have and toss them out or give it away to those who may want or need it. This way, you make room for new ones and help out others as well.

Hold a garage sale

Right after the holidays, while you are still at home, you can also hold a garage sale. Engage the help of the whole family or friends. This activity will bring the entire family together and help to save up some money for the New Year. Items that you believe you have in excess can be put up for sale. Old things are also suitable for garage sales, especially for item collectors. You can get rid of the clutter at home and earn a couple of money at the same time.

Use your camera and computer

For those who are moving out, a practical solution is to photograph your holiday items and decorations or any other ornaments you may have. Upload them to your website or send photos to friends who may want to buy it. Doing this is a good idea if you don’t have the workforce or a venue for a garage sale. It is also a practical solution for excessive consumable gifts that you received over the holidays, such as wines, cheese, and jams.

Cleaning up after the holidays is a challenging task, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. Plan and prepare the items that you will need to put away your holiday ornaments and decorations. Ask the help of friends and family. A task becomes easy when there are more hands ready to help.

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